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Monday, August 27, 2012

Modern stuff...

Modern Stuff..

Today I am sharing with all of you a bunch of modern stuff I found in the last few weeks since I have been sick and really unable to tend to many of the business functions I previously and again now handle. So this is like my first blog posting in some time.. 

Enjoy the pics and post... 

Banging & Bold Modern Kitchen Inspiration

Urbanspace Interiors is a hip and stylish modern furniture store in Austin, Texas, and they just so happened to build out a perfectly inspiring kitchen in their showroom. Using sleek lines, stunning material and bold, modern accents, they’ve created a kitchen that anyone would want to have in their home.

The kicker of course, is a combo of the thin-profiled white Silestone countertops mixed with that stunner of a vinyl wallpaper back splash from Flavor Paper. Partnered with white accent chairs (we spot Kartell’s Masters Chair in white right there), they’ve really created a powerful but surprisingly simple modern kitchen. If you want to know more about the products and materials used as well as some Sketch-up renderings, check out the blog at Urbanspace Interiors.

Paul Bernier’s Bernier-Thibault Residence

We love a thick, urban environment. Full of concrete and loud noises and fun materials and people. But we also adore the calm, relaxing atmosphere when in nature. The Bernier-Thibault Residence in Montreal, Canada by Paul Bernier Architecte sure seems to meld two seemingly impossible to mix environments into one kick butt architectural structure.


“Two boxes made of glass and wood, simple volumes of similar dimensions, were added to the original house. One box was placed on the roof and the other one in the garden under the big maple.”


“A vertical slice of the original garden side wall was taken out and replaced by a wood structure wall that allows for openings on the garden and that acts as a formal link between the two boxes. The original house is veneered with brick and all new interventions are made of wood.”


A beautiful space and an inspiring home. More information on Architizer.

Pre-Fabulous: Swatt/Miers’ Krubiner Residence

Always astounded by how good-looking pre-fab architecture can be, and the Krubiner Residence by Swatt/Miers Architects is a great example. Made in partnership with Simpatico Homes (the manufacturers), this great home lives in Emeryville California. And hey! Look how accessibly modern it is! Get the look: We spot a Blu Dot Bonnie Sofa, and Blu Dot’s Pi Tables look similar to the coffee table, too.

Love how open the kitchen is, and how dynamic that tile backsplash is, tying the whole space together and mimicking the graphic pop of the concrete brick wall next door.

What an entry way! And you wouldn’t be able to tell at all that this was a prefab home unless someone told you, don’t you think? More on the Swatt/Miers website.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Miami's different styles

Avant-Garde Home Furnishings, LLC presents

Miami's many different faces...

When many of us think about Miami, we thin k about the glitz, glamor of the downtown club district, the Brickell corridor, the beaches, and of course the tourist rich south beach area.. And correctly so many people live in Miami in one of these areas, they have become a show place to the world and are becoming more and more commercialized and trendy, and definitely tourist rich and very expensive.. 

These areas are full of high rise apartments that promise the best view in the city, at least until until the next building goes up next door and covers it, taking over that claim. It seems downtown is now a pedestrian mall where people are walking at all hours of the night.. something unheard of just 5 years ago when lights out meant get in in this area. Now on weekend the club district downtown is open 24 hrs a day.. 

One of my close friends lives in this area and here are some pictures and views of her apartment. 

The living and dining sections

Beautiful Kitchen

Bedroom Number 1

Master Bathroom

The beautiful view

Kitchen and Bedroom Number 2

This is what most of us know about Miami. A city of beautiful building and condos where minimalist style and design rein supreme. But how about traditional victorian Miami, I am willing to bet not many of you have herd about this side of Miami.

There is such a place, I am not making it up. Its a place with 80 year old tree lined streets, single family homes and cottages, and landscaping works of art. I am talking about the old historic neighborhood of coral gables where homes go for millions and the streets seem like your in a forest.. These homes have been here for years and driving through this neighborhood makes you feel as if you were in an old norther city or in a southern very historic town...

Other areas of the city look the same, such as the Rhodes neighborhood in Miami, old cutler road section of Miami, and a couple others but for this story I have chosen Coral Gables. 

Enjoy the following pics.. 

Indeed a side of Miami no one really sees. Coral gables is set apart from the tourist rich areas although commercial areas within city limits and popular tourist destinations do exist in the city. For example its business district is very popular with some powerful law firms and accounting firms that cater to the city's mostly wealthy population. Its miracle Mile has long been famous with tourists and locals alike and is lined with restaurants and many boutique shops. 

Here are a few more pictures

Two very different sides of Miami.

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