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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All about modern offices...

Modern Offices.....

Today I am sharing with all of you how to create the perfect home office and have provided the essential materials needed in order to have the perfect modern contemporary home office..

Enjoy the pics and post...

The Napoli Desk..

Float through your work day when you sit at the Italian-style Napoli Desk. It features two sizes and three veneers – golden cherry, sierra cherry or mahogany. It is ideal for the upscale home office that needs a boost in style, or any corporate or business setting. The desk top appears to be floating over the main structure through the use of silver metal supports, and the beveled surface matches the curved end panels to come together in a polished, modern look. Through minimalist simplicity and Italian inspiration, this desk manages to be both sophisticated and modern without being overbearing. The Napoli Desk can be purchased for $559.99 (63-inches wide) to $599.99 (72-inches wide) from
Essential Shelves...

This is a shelf that can hold its own, and then some. This thin, modular shelf appears almost fragile, but don’t judge a book(shelf) by appearances – each one of the four included shelves can hold 110 pounds of weight. By using the force of gravity to its advantage, the Treku Bookcase manages to reduce wall stress while offering the most support for your books possible from such a lightweight design. Minimalist to its core, the two aluminum rods and four wenge or oak veneer shelves can be adjusted to compensate for uneven floors as well as different heights for your storage needs. You’ll find the Treku Bookcase at for $900.00 (oak) – $1,150.00 (wedge).

Wall attached Desk...

Don’t let your work tie you down. If ever there was a way to rise above all of the papers, clutter, and other office mess that pervades your workspace, this floating Lax Wall Mounted Desk is the perfect beginning. It uses light, natural materials to create an open, flexible look. The walnut wood and white powdered aluminum doors are complimentary to the floating appearance of the desk itself. The added upper cabinet will only increase the image of a floating, carefree workspace. This desk can be used as a display shelf for living room accessories and media as well. The Lax Wall Mounted Desk is available at for $720.00.

The perfect Chair...

access office chair
Make your office swish with a chair that does much more than just swivel. There are several factors that you should look for in an office chair: how comfortable it is, how it looks, how it fits with the rest of your decor. The Axess office chair will satisfy your entire check-list and then some. This chair automatically adapts to you, meaning that the back and seat are both movable and can form to any position. The height can be adjusted and set at any level. Each part on this chair is crafted from high-quality materials, and is connected in a manner that is easy to dismantle should you so choose. The Axess office chair comes in a variety of colors, both in terms of the plastic components and the fabric on the back and seat. No office chair has ever been more customizable or more stylish. You can find this modern office chair at

A modern look desk..

Work with perfect symmetry when you use this Martix Desk System as your office desk. It is designed for the modern office, with its symmetrical layout, its simple and un-embellished lines, and its spare use of material. The two main surfaces of this desk are made from faux leather, which are sophisticated and elegant while being functional hard surfaces to write and work upon. The base of this unit is made from chrome colored welded metal, which is durable, long-lasting and sturdy. Both the center joining unit and the shelf on the left unit are made from thick tempered glass. The abundance of surface space and stylish design will make this Matrix Desk System the centerpiece of any office. You can find this desk at for $295.00.

A complete Office...

Be good to the environment, and good to your office style. This office is not only environmentally-friendly, but it is a modern piece of furniture art. All pieces of this furniture have met or exceeded the Greenguard Standard that regulates air quality control, so you can be assured that the emissions from the production of this line of furniture were low-impact. The use of space is optimized for comfort when sitting or reaching across the desk. Not only is this eco-furniture functional, but its minimalist form is also testament to the fact that going green doesn’t mean losing your style. The latest trends are incorporated into a modern look that will stand the test of time, and remain up-to-date for years to come. If you are looking to spruce up your office-space, you can get this Clara Modern Office from Spacify for $2,562.00.

A modern Chair..

Contemporary comfort. This Petal lounge chair will welcome you after a hard day of work with its modern style and soft velour microfabric cushions. You can lean back and kick up your feet onto the matching ottoman. The bold cushions come in black or red, and will pleasantly contrast with the chrome-plated swivel base. This is the perfect compliment to a modern office, and would look smashing behind a bold silver or glass executive desk. You can order the Petal lounge chair and ottoman from for $759.99.

A perfect modern office...

AG Home Goods

Thursday, February 16, 2012

All about Living rooms...

All about Living rooms...

Today I am sharing with all of you little known items for your living rooms.. and of course usually our favorite room to renovate and redecorate.. All of us love to redo our living rooms as it is usually the focal point of any modern home.. Well here are some things that will make your shine..

Enjoy the pics and post...

A Great Coffee Table...

The coffee table is an oft overlooked piece of furniture, but the right coffee table can make or break a living room. But what makes a coffee table a coffee table? And what modern styles are out there? We here at Padstyle are here to answer all of your coffee table-related questions.
Possibly the most defining feature of a coffee table is its long, low shape. It normally has shorter legs than a side table or a bistro table, and it is usually oval or rectangle as opposed to circular or square in shape. This is so that it can be placed in front of a sofa and compliment its long form and be at just the right height for easy access to anything on its surface.
However, not all coffee tables are created equal. These basic features don’t come close to describing a truly modern coffee table. Some are tall, some are short; some are wide, some are thin; some are made of wood, some are made of glass; and all of them can compliment their surroundings if placed appropriately.
You can have a coffee table that matches a handful of side tables, or you can create an eclectic look using a variety of shapes and styles. The coffee table you choose can be made of glass, wood, chrome, plastic or any material of your choosing, as long as it is sturdy and stable.
A coffee table is an integral part of a living room, because it centers all the other furniture. Your sofa set will pop if you incorporate the right coffee table – but it could fizzle if you choose the wrong one. Coffee tables are also used as a gathering place, so you’ll likely want yours to be warm and inviting.
Consider size, placement, texture and material when picking out your coffee table – you’ll thank yourself later.

Colorful Splashes....

Colorful Styles by Lazzari is a fresh, funky and functional storage solution for the modern home. If you’re looking for a way to organize while enhancing your home’s style, the modular storage containers from Lazzari are just what you need. They’re not only extremely practical, but they offer nearly limitless customization and combinations for the creative-minded interior designer in you.
The Padstyle office was lucky enough to get a sample of Lazzari’s products, and we liked what we saw. We got to try out a large, square, navy blue storage container with a tan leather handle and an ID slot for easy identification. The craftsmanship was nothing short of superb, and just what you would expect from a top-name Italian furniture producer. It fit on our office shelves, and is the perfect size for any standard bookshelf. We raved about the soft nylon combined with the rigid edges to keep its shape. And those of us who are a bit on the crazy side of organized absolutely adored the zipper top – you don’t realize how often things spill until you prevent that with a lid.
Lazzari offers not only these simple, modular, portable drawers, but also the storage modules to put them in. Cubed, rectangular, simple and stylish, they have storage solutions for all types. Each of their furniture pieces is designed to fit the varied-sized drawers and containers that Lazzari creates.
One of the features that will excite your imagination is the color palate that Lazzari products display. Navy blue, canary yellow, vibrant orange, rose red, lime green, beige, white and a whole bunch of playful patterns including bunnies, cherries, cars and flags adorn the storage bins. These can be mixed and matched to achieve your perfect color balance, or you can purchase multiple sizes in the same color for more uniformity.
We are impressed with the variety of modular storage containers and units that Lazzari offers, and we hope you are too.

TV Stand Type 1...

Welcome to the future of home entertainment furniture. It’s great when you have all the latest gadgets in your home theater, but without the stylish, modern furniture to compliment them, your decor is going to fall flat. The Essex TV Stand goes beyond just reinforcing the modern electronics you might own, and becomes a style icon in its own right. The two glass floating shelves are adjustable, and perfect for smaller sized LCD or plasma TVs. The stainless steel support beam and sturdy whitened oak base are functional and modern. This is a sophisticated piece that will bring out the best in small or large home theaters. You can purchase the Essex TV Stand in Whitened Oak at for $880.00.

The perfect wall Unit...

Modern, modular, functional, and fashionable. The Nino wall unit is made up of several elements that can combine in a variety of ways based on the shape, size and style of your home theater or living room. The modular aspect of this unit makes it appealing to the designer who loves to change and upgrade his or her style, as well as someone who wants to have some control over the layout of their modern home. This set includes an abundance of shelves, drawers, cupboards, and surface areas to hold all of your home theater devices and curios. The Nino wall unit can be purchased for $1815.00 from

A Great Coffee Table...

Reflect your love of art and functionality. This coffee table is more than just a place to stick your drinks and magazines. It is a piece of industrial art, crafted from your choice of extra white glass, mirrored glass, or smoke grey mirrored glass. Guaranteed to be a conversation piece at your next party, you can use this as a central table or as an accent table and the effect will be the same: stunned guests and a beautiful addition to modern decor. The angular glass will reflect its surroundings in creative and unique ways, and your living room will embrace modern style to its fullest. The Otto Modern Coffee Table is available now at for $1,741.00.

A Nice Lounger...

Plush, curved comfort. The shape of the Tango Chaise Lounge is so inviting, your guests won’t want to leave 
after they’ve experienced it’s embrace. This lounge chair takes the retro favorite, kidney shaped design, and updates it to match your modern living room. This chair has a thick, smooth shape, accented by chrome feet. You can choose between a left arm (pictured) or right arm, and either citrus, black, robin, caramel or cherry upholstery. This is the perfect size for a single person to lean back and kick their feet up, or for two people to snuggle up close on the ultra padded seat. You will find the Tango Chaise Lounge at for $1,649.99.

Perfect Shelving....

Custom, contemporary shelving. This fully configurable shelf can be arranged as a group of four units, or spread out along your wall if you need to fill up some space. It comes with four octagonal compartments that you can arrange in a variety of patterns. This shelving unit is not only stylish and modern, but it is functional as well, offering two surface areas per shelf. You can order the S-Tone Shelf in either white or wenge finish, and it would look stunning in any living room looking for a modern accent piece that is functional as well. The S-Tone Shelf can be found at for $375.00.

TV wood frames

Frame your home theater in a style that you define. You want your home theater to be equipped with all the latest high-def gadgets and devices, while at the same time unified in a style that you can call your own. HD Envy offers fully customizable flat panel TV frames in styles as limitless as your imagination. With everything from smooth and modern leather, traditional wood, pristine plastic, contemporary ceramic and more, HD Envy will work with you to create a unique frame for your LCD or plasma TV that will not only impress your guests, but will also add the perfect finishing touch to your living room or home theater. They offer custom, affordable framing solutions for all sizes and brands of LCD or plasma HDTVs. You can order your very own custom flat panel TV frame by visiting

Perfect Living room accents..

AG Home Goods

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A bunch of really cool ideas that are modern contemporary...

A bunch of really cool ideas that are modern contemporary... 

Today I have picked out a series of things to share with all of you in the world of modern contemporary items. I have things such as tables, chairs, nightstands.. a whole slew of things that are not only unique but will make any room in your home shine and really make a statement about your tastes...

Enjoy the pics and post...

The collection by Loren Marsh... Amazing collection of odd pieces that are right for just about any area of your home.. 

Maybe it’s just the professional photography–but New York-based Lorin Marsh’s line of furniture is infused with an architectural elegance that crosses the boundaries of traditional, contemporary and transitional furniture. Above: the metropolitan Plinth cocktail table is supported by two bronze monoliths with wide bases that resemble the load-bearing components of a bridge, while both the Eclipse and Handle Bar tables feature thinner, more wiry frames. The Eclipse is made from stainless steel, while the Handle Bar’s base is crafted from brown Parisian iron and topped with a limestone slab.

Wood never looked so good: the Solitaire dining table is a solid table with a pleasant mix of rounded and squared elements, and is absolutely stunning in glossy Macassar ebony. Simpler but more contemporary, the Cube is named after the slick lacquered wood block that sits on its stainless steel base.

Lorin Marsh clearly prefers an eclectic variety of materials; the U bench has a fairly basic design but is clad in textured metal to give it a more imposing, stone-like presence. Similarly, the Nesting Tables also look to be made from concrete or rock, but are actually wrapped in Mink goatskin with polished nickel hardware accents. Lastly, sandstone-like paneling on the Waterfall cocktail table is actually bleached goatskin, also accented with polished nickel around the underside.

Like prop pieces from a ritzy Art Deco movie, the Glam sofa and club chair have flared and vertically ribbed backs with smooth, rounded arms. Beautifully upholstered in metallic silver fabric and finished with dark wooden legs, these chairs are sophisticated and flashy – much like Hollywood celebrity of the 20s and 30s. The Tivoli game table andJansen chest complement the Glam collection, as they are both sheathed in stainless steel and accented with classy gold and brass; with shiny furniture like this, it’s no wonder that celebs seem to perpetually sport sunglasses.

Significantly more subdued but just as classy, the Fretwork ottomanand Maze desk feature dark, geometric frames with. Both pieces highlight a playful tendency to form similar elements from fairly different materials; while the Fretwork’s frame is made from maple wood, the Maze is actually perched on iron legs.

Saving the best for last: the Laslo chandelier is a stunning 12-light fixture with fancy serpentine arms juxtaposed against a futuristic, satin nickel frame. This unique blending of contemporary and traditional design is classic Lorin Marsh. In an age of mass-produced me-toos, quality innovation–even if it draws on historical influences–is always welcomed by the discerning consumer.

The Eero Aarnio Collection.... Fashionable, Unique, impactful.. 

Finnish designer Eero Aarnio is a man whose works likely need no introduction: his iconic Ball Chair is easily one of the most recognizable chairs in modern design. Despite being designed in 1963, this fiberglass chair is permanently anachronistic: it continues to seem like something you’d see in the not-too-distant future. Even more futuristic (and undoubtedly swank) is the Bubble variant which hangs from the ceiling and is made out of clear acrylic with a chromed steel trim.

The Keinu rocking chair is a labor of love; although Eero’s first draft was created in 1983, it took another twenty years before he would allow a more refined version to see production. A product of two decades and two centuries, the chair’s chrome frame is decidedly retro with an ebullient, circular shape (note the small ball stop–yes, it’s that round!), while the seat is somewhat more contemporary and is upholstered in tightly wrapped leather.

Eero clearly loves to have fun with his work; his Double Bubble Lamp (at top, apparently being worshiped by Ball Chairs) is youthful yet grandiose. Available in three sizes, the largest version stands nearly four feet tall, with all sizes being powered by two light sources in the bubbles and one in the leg.

From oversized fiberglass screw tables (1991) and the racing-inspired Formula Chair (1998) to his Focus Chairs (2002) and playful TIPI birds(2002), Eero shows no signs of slowing down. A creative yet playful force of nature in his own right, Aarnio’s overriding philosophy is best summarized by a quote about his fanciful Pony Chair: “It’s quite simply a lovely piece that brings a smile to my face. Hope it brings one to yours too.”

There you have it, a bunch of really cool modern items... 

AG Home Goods 

Friday, February 3, 2012

All about building the perfect bathroom...

All about building the perfect bathroom... 

Today I am sharing with all of you all about bathrooms.. How to turn your bathroom into a spa, accessories, how to build and why build an outdoor shower, different styles, and new shower controls and new shower models that will turn any bathroom into a dream room...

Enjoy the pics and Post... 

Turning your Bathroom into a Spa... 

You don’t have to do an entire remodel on your bathroom to create a spa atmosphere. Adding a few essentials to your decor and hiding the clutter will ensure that you find tranquility whether you’re soaking in the tub or just trying to escape the chaos of a busy home.

Choose a Theme
Spas will rarely have mismatched towels or a confusing theme so you may need to purchase a few new essentials. A natural garden, blue lagoon or Asian theme are just a few ideas to get you started.

Add a Little Nature
Vases with fresh flowers, a hanging fern or some bamboo are all fabulous ways to bring nature into your bathroom. These living things breathe life into your space and promote a calming environment.

Pay Attention to Detail
You don’t have to spend a fortune on decor. Roll a few towels and place them in a basket, add a small table with a tabletop fountain and make sure that you place a few soy candles around the room.

Eliminate Clutter
Spas are simplistic and so should your bathroom be. Instead of having things laying around your sink, tuck them away somewhere. There are simple storage solutions available to accommodate even the smallest bathrooms. Remember, a spa is a peaceful place. If your eyes come to rest on a pile of towels on the floor or an assortment of hair products laying around, the entire aesthetic of the room is compromised.

Spa Accessories...

It is interesting how many people devote a substantial amount of time and money into creating the perfect spa setting in their bathroom and then fall short on the simplest accessories. If you still have a generic chrome toothbrush holder screwed to your wall or if your soap is just sitting on the edge of your sink, you understand!

The stoneware bath accessories available from West Elm are the perfect compliment to any spa theme. The pieces are hand carved in India by stone artisans and the natural finish offers a clean, simplistic, earthy style. They are made from mint soapstone and the best thing about them is not only do they clean up easy, they are priced quite moderately. The prices rang from $10 to $19 and since they are all sold separately, you only have to buy what you need.

Think your soap dish isn’t important? Think again! When you have guests over, the bathroom is the one room where you can’t actually see their reaction to the decor. The small accents like this will allow you to feel confident that they most certainly are getting noticed. Not to mention, stone cleans off so much easier than plastic so soap scum doesn’t become an unattractive distraction! Take the time to put the finishing touches on your personal spa!

Building an outside Shower...

There are basically two types of outdoor showers, those that leave you fully exposed which are often used for rinsing off after a dip in the pool or those that are fully enclosed. Why would you want one if you don’t have a pool? Just because! An outdoor shower is a nice refreshing experience, out there with nature, the sun shining, cool breeze and listening to the birds.

Besides, an outdoor shower is ideal if you’re filthy from mowing the lawn or working in the yard or if you happen to work in construction or a factory, so you don’t have to get your indoor bathroom so dirty. Not to mention, they are the perfect place to give the dog a bath too! Whether it’s cold, hot, sunny or gently raining, there’s just something invigorating about showering outside.

Location is Key
How you are going to use the shower will influence the location. If it’s meant for guests to rinse off after swimming, a neutral location is fine. If it’s for personal use, aim for a location that offers natural surroundings. Of course, plumbing is going to ultimately dictate location but if you have a skilled plumber, things can be made to happen.
Wherever you install your outdoor shower, make sure that it offers plenty of ventilation. The space needs to be able to dry out thoroughly after use to prevent mildew and mold from accumulating.

Remodeling the Shower/Faucets...

The trend today seems to be making sure that you have the most spectacular bathtub to soak in to create the feel and appearance of a tranquil spa. However, the fact of the matter is, you probably still spend significantly more time in the shower. Most people enjoy a relaxing bath as a treat when they can escape for a few moments, the shower gets used daily so shouldn’t it be just as spectacular?
Remodeling your shower not only will make your rushed time in the morning a little more enjoyable, it will add value to your home.

Material Choice
Although plastic and porcelain seem to be the most popular options, tile is an exquisite choice. Yes, it does cost more than the other two and installation is much longer but it will also have a very long life and it looks spectacular!

Add a Bench
Wouldn’t it be nice to sit for a moment and soak up the steam or have a place to shave your legs? Benches can either be removable or built right into the shower. You can purchase shower stalls that are prefabricated with a bench in plastic, porcelain or fiberglass options. If you chose tile, the bench will need to be built and installed separately.

Change Your Fixtures
Not prepared for an entire shower remodel? Why not just add a new shower head? Rainfall shower heads varieties are becoming very popular right now!

Install Doors
Replacing that shower curtain with doors in either translucent or frosted glass will give your bathroom a huge facelift. They look elegant, are easy to clean and they prevent water from ending up all over your floor.

Ultimate Control...

Wouldn’t it be nice to figure out that one perfect temperature that grants you the most refreshing or soothing shower every single time? If you’re like most people, you probably turn the hot and cold water on, let it run and fidget with the setting until you find a comfortable setting, get in the shower and fidget some more. If you had a digital faucet like the one pictured by Jado, you could find your ideal temperature and set it there every time with the push of a button. Not only is this wonderful for you, less water is wasted which allows you to do your part to preserve the Earth’s natural resources.
The digital faucet pictured brings a clean, elegant, futuristic look to your bathroom. This E-vision faucet is the first of its kind in the industry letting you control your temperature, flow and volume with an easy to use touch panel. You can even program personalized settings so you know the exact temperature to turn to on a cold day and then set a cooler temperature for those post-run showers.

The faucet offers a flat panel display with a glass-covered modern face, complimented by contemporary chrome hardware. If you’re ready to add that last finishing touch to your bathroom remodel, the E-vision faucet may be what you never thought you needed but you simply can’t live without.

Bathroom Styles...

In most homes, bathrooms are relatively small so creating a whole new look can often be done with minimal changes. Unless of course, you want to gut the room and start over fresh, this is fine too! The trick is to basically decide on a theme and color palette and carry it out throughout the whole room.
Creating a coherent look consists of using the rule of three as your guide. This means you need to repeat every major color three times. Bathrooms are spaces you can really have fun with but you still need to employ a few practical points.
  • Safety – Style should never come before safety. Step up tubs must have handrails, floors should be slip-resistant, etc.
  • Look into the Future – If you’re spending a substantial amount of money, you want to make sure that this is what you’ll still want in the future. If you have to put off the remodel for a month to make sure you still feel the same away about your choices, so be it.
  • Simplicity – Too many things in a small space look very cluttered. If you have a large room, you can add more items but small rooms should be simple with a place for everything.
  • Quality – Just because it’s the bathroom doesn’t mean it shouldn’t receive the same consideration as other rooms in your home when it comes to buying quality products.
Many people jump into a bathroom remodel spontaneously. This is a room that is entitled to as much thought as any other area in your home. When in doubt, wait and see if your theme and color palette are still appealing to you down the road.

Your Bathroom-Your refuge...

Your bathroom is a sanctuary, if you put it into perspective. It is a place where you can take a long, hot shower in preparation of a hard day at work, and return to for a relaxing warm bubble bath after that day at work.

Your bathroom is a refuge from the demands of the day, where your mind can be at peace – so why not dress it up as the place of relaxation that it should be?
Soothing, tranquil bathrooms should speak to what you find relaxing.
To start, why not do a little painting. Calm, cool blue and greens will inspire tranquility. They will make your bathroom feel like a luxurious spa room, rather than just a functional room.

Another way you can remake your bathroom into a refuge is by removing the clutter. Look around your bathroom, and see what could be stowed away – you’ll likely be surprised at how much you can simply tuck away underneath your vanity.
If you want to go all out, try giving your bathroom the whole spa effect. An elongated soaker tub with jets, a streamlined vanity, and mood lighting are great relaxation additions. Or how about doing a complete renovation, and adding a sauna to the corner of your bathroom? This will relax you, improve your skin, reduce your stress and help you unwind after a tough day.

Your bathroom can be a place for you to find an oasis in your day, so bring out its inner spa and let yourself be pampered.

Perfect styles and bathroom ideas..

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