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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A bunch of things modermn..

A bunch of things modern...

Today I am writting about the pantome color of the year 2014 Dazzling Blue, a few modern items, and Finland design week. Hope all of you enjoy the pics and post....

Modern Mirrors from our collection


Behold, Pantone's Color Of Spring 2014…

Who could forget Tangerine Tango or Honeysuckle? Emerald or Mimosa? Pantone's color of spring 2014 was just announced…and chances are you already own it. Introducing, Dazzling Blue, a peppy shade of cobalt that Pantone's executive director noted was a practical shade women were already likely to own (if you recognize it, Pantone states that it's also the color of Facebook and Citibank's bike-sharing program). Funnily, it's a shade less dazzling than Yves' Klein Blue, which was the hot hue in fall '11. A touch less blinding, we can definitely see this shade covering everything from structured totes to oversized topcoats to patent sandals that'd be just the ticket to elevating our spring outfit game (are you listening, designers?). And with Fashion Week just a day away, we'd be interested to see if Pantone's projections are correct.

The rest of the shades are in the same vein of slightly muted "brights" (we know this sounds like an oxymoron — but see them for yourself for evidence). With a witch's brew of Violet Tulip, Sand, Freesia, Hemlock, Cayenne, and more rounding out the top 10, the 2014 Pantone predictions present a calmer, more soothing palette for next year. See below to read up on the shades! (Racked

pantone spring color 2014
Pantone's color of the year, "Dazzling Blue," 
is basically Facebook's signature color. 

Resin Table, Accessories Included

The London Design Festival, which concluded yesterday, witnessed the debut of a wide range of innovative products, including this resin and wood table by Dutch designer Roel Huisman, which comes equipped with its own table lamp, storage compartment, and glass vase. Writing Table is comprised of a slab of pale green polyester resin, “cast, milled, sanded and polished” to desired effect, and supported by slender ash wood legs, the same material used to craft the attached lamp and sliding storage compartment lid. Huisman calls the table an “object you will enjoy for it’s humble aesthetics and elegant functionality,” and who are we to disagree?


Finlands design week

Finland's Design WeekOur coverage of Helsinki Design Week continues with vignettes from Habitare, the week’s primary exhibition space for furniture, lighting and home products by Finnish manufacturers and designers. We also made an illuminating detour to the glass factor, iittala, which has been in operation for over 100 years. More about that later, but for now, a few more photos to (hopefully) whet your Nordic appetite.
Marimekko display, comprised of new fabric designs and housewares.
Pendant lighting by Innolux
Double Bubble floor lamps by Eero Aarnio
Chair covered in Romo Textiles
The Artek booth at Harbitare
Fabrics by Normann Copenhagen
Plate display at iittala pavilion
Johanna Gullichsen rugs and textiles
Lighitng by Studio Eero Aarnio
Glassware at iittala shop

Hope you enjoyed the pics and post

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Modern trends in homes

Avant-Garde Presents

I would like all of you to share and enjoy all the beautiful modern contemporary homes found below.....

Gorgeous Treetop Dwellings in the Mexican Rainforest

ASG14 architecture
Alejandro Sánchez García Arquitectos designed the Chipicas Town Houses, four independent single buildings inside a private garden in downtown Valle de Bravo, Mexico.
ASG4 architecture
The architects have devised a an unpretentious floating lantern design that is timeless and transcendent.
ASG8 architecture
In a treetop bedroom, glass from ceiling to floor completely exposes the surrounding rainforest.
ASG9 architecture
The result is a gorgeous place to sleep that appears suspended high up in the rainforest canopy.
ASG10 architecture
The design is simple and unpretentious, opening a full wall of glass in even the childrens’ bunk rooms overlooking the surrounding jungle.
ASG1 architecture
Because of the tiny garden setting, an extremely vertical design is devised for each building to protect most of the vegetation.
ASG11 architecture
The Chipicas Houses were designed with two sides of the façade made of floor to ceiling windows and two sides with a skin made of wooden lattice to gain a sense of privacy.
ASG5 architecture
The backs of each of the buildings are entirely covered in a wooden rain screen that offsets the textural complexity of the growing wood nearby.
ASG13 architecture
From the outside, these rain screens seem impenetrable and solid – but from inside, they simply filter the light.
ASG7 architecture
A completely novel view is created down under the overhangs.
(Because these screens are not connected all the way down.)

Floating Roof Graces Beach House for Coastal New South Wales

TKD1 architecture
Here’s an Australian beach house from TKD Architects, in the traditions of the best modern beach house vernacular with its extensive glazing.
TKD2 architecture
Like all the most-loved beach houses, it offers the see-through peek at the ocean through the living room upon arrival.
TKD3 architecture
Its transparent floating roof suggests suggests a sail on the ocean beyond.
TKD4 architecture
Steel and glass best weathers a harsh coastal climate.
Muted greys and silvers mimic the natural colours of the beach and coastal vegetation.
TKD5 architecture
Offering a straight shot to the beach, the house is perfectly sited for multiple summers of fun.

A Sleek and Sophisticated Singapore Shop House Renovation

cairnhill road10 architecture
A traditional facade of colonial architecture in Singapore masks a surprising twist within.
cairnhill road1 architecture
The dark warren of former rooms have been scraped out and replaced with a huge elegant space that connects across its center by stairwells, with a master bedroom suite and the children’s two bedrooms above the kitchen and the living room.
cairnhill road3 architecture
A Koi pond anchors the unusual plan, offering a visual feast for those traversing the stairwells.
cairnhill road4 architecture
At one extreme of the long narrow site, a kitchen and dining room is behind the Koi pond.

For South Africa’s Hot Climate, the Cool and Elegant House Abo

House Abo1 architecture
This beauty represents a thorough overhaul of a dingy existing structure in hot suburban Limpopo, South Africa.
House Abo6 architecture
Known for their sophistication and bold design, South Africa’s Nico van der Meulen Architects completely transformed the frumpy former brick house.
House Abo10 architecture
The outdated single story brick home, hot and cramped, is now the open and glorious, double height glass House Abo.
House Abo9 architecture
Outside, wooden slats take the brunt of the brutal sun.
House Abo11 architecture
New double height spaces are now pleasantly chilled by wonderful cool stone floors.
House Abo2 architecture
For the climate, on the Tropic of Capricorn, cooling is the main consideration…

Hope you enjoyed the above post and pics... 

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