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Saturday, April 30, 2011

My home for the weekend

Modern & Contemporary 

Living in Miami, Florida

I am staying in downtown Miami this weekend in a friends place taking care of his pets while he is away on business. I am writing about this because my friend has what i believe to be one of the most spectacular apartments in Miami. A one sort of Studio apartment but unlike 90% of studios its a modern marvel of perfect interior design, architecture, and of course the furniture and exquisite art work found within the apartment. 

And then of course there is the view of downtown Brickell and Miami, which is spectacular to say the least. The centerpiece of the apartment is a lit glass wall in the kitchen that is absolutely amazing and is one of the first things you see when you walk in. This leads into a living room sitting area that is spectacular followed by the bedroom area which sweals itself off by automated moving rolling white curtains. 

Of course this apartment is not made for those of us who have kids or big families, its the perfect Bachelor pad or someone single and no kids because as many of you know having this type of apartment and kids most likely will not work. This is an apartment in a city where fun is the thought of the day and tourism and young hip crowds rule the day. 

And remember the view I mentioned earlier, well wait till you see the balcony and the way it is furnished and way its laid out. All said, this is the perfect Miami home with the perfect design, interior, and equipped quite nicely. Please see the pictures found below.

Enjoy the following pictures of the perfect bachelor pad apartment

Kitchen and kitchen sitting area
Living room area from the bedroom

Living room looking out toward the balcony

Looking toward the kitchen from the living room area

Sitting area looking toward the door

Another View of the sitting area leading into the balcony

The Bedroom

The Center piece wood wall that separates the kitchen and living room area 

Looking out toward the south and the suburbs of Miami

The view as the sun come up over downtown

With daylight the entire apt seems to glow

Looking at the kitchen and living room from the bedroom

Simply stunning, amazing, breathtaking.. Living the life in Miami and enjoying the beautiful view,

AG Home Goods
(Alex Calzadilla)

Friday, April 29, 2011



black kitchen 

20 years ago if you had told the polish people  that they would today be designing kitchens like these they would have laughed in your face as they were worried not about the looks of their homes but by the food they would eat that night, how they would feed their families, and how they would get cooking oil for the long Polish winters, brutal by Western Standards, even harsher with the living conditions suffered by the polish people at the time. A country once an industrial giant its cities were now concrete like structures, gloomy, dark, and style, well that word was not used. Forward twenty years from the fall of the Easter European Communist bloc countries and today Poland looks nothiong like it did back then. Modern, Contemporary gleAming skyscrapers have replaced the old buildings, ultra luxury town homes and lofts have replaced the old soviet style apartment block complex and the country's economy is back on track. Now considered to be hip and modern by anyone's standard I was very impressed to see such a big design studio on Kitchens based out of Poland. From communist low level un-noticeable blocks to the modern contemporary glass designs of today, My GOD freedom brings many many things...

Kitchen Inspiration

Today we feature the work of Meedo, a Poland based design studio that specializes in architectural visualization. They have an impressive portfolio and we thought the kitchens were especially well put together. While most of these renderings wouldn’t pass for photorealism, some of them feature solutions for spaces that are ‘life-like’ (read short-on-area). They also show off open living concepts and there are even one or two images that portray one room living.

open kitchen living
open kitchen
modern kitchen fancy lighting
stylish kitchen traditional
white island kitchen chandlier
kitchen chandlier
white wood green kitchen
white kitchen blue accents
red kitchen
single room living
kitchen biege wood accents
modern style kitchen
black red kitchen
kitchen dining
artistic kitchen
traditional kitchen
modern white kitchen wood        


Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Fun White House

 A Fun White House

Amazing House design.. The entire is a color which I normally can't stand an entire house to be .. but in this case it works perfectly.. Long gone is my misconception that white is boring.. This place definitely is not boring in any way.. Please see the pictures below..


Sensational White Modern Home

This house is a box.

Ok, a parallelogram box, but a box nonetheless!
The home is from Sao Paulo, Brazil and is designed by Marcio Kogan on a 1700 square meter area that encloses 700 square meters of living space on its two floors. Italian windows help maintain transparency, giving a magnificent view of the pool and the garden while doubling up as walls as well.
Having been covered in natural wood, the house alternates between tones of white helping in naturally illuminating the house with ample sunlight. Construction details, on the interior and the exterior have been done with perfection, giving the house a delightful and pleasant finish.
Various Merit awards by differently awarding agencies like IV Bienal IBERO Americana, ASBEA – Group of Projects and World Architecture Award have been granted to the design of the house as well. 

Simply Amazing!!!!@

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