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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Furnitech media centers....

Furnitech products.. 
Modern contemporary media entertainment centers that will blow you away...

Today I am sharing with al of you and sharing Furnitech entertainment media centers and consoles for any room in your modern. They are the most amazing entertainment media centers I have seen in a long time and now featured n the AG Home Goods Web store. Please check them out as they are absolutely amazing designs and creations and with so many different styles one f them is likely to fit your home decor or style and if you can't find anything you like, which is almost impossible then call us up or them directly and have them custom design one for you. 

Check out these designs... 

Like Avant-Garde their attention to detail and customer service is unmatched by anyone and talking with them on the phone has been a real pleasure but the product speak for themselves and I encourage all of you reading this to go to the following link and check out these amazing products...

There you will find our product offerings with regards to the Furnitech media centers and audio video equipment console tables.. They come in all sizes and range from the more contemporary wood designs, to modern asian designs, and ultra modern designs.. 

About The Company:

Since its inception in 2004, Furnitech has been a formidable supplier of finely crafted Entertainment Media Consoles and TV stands to the North American market. Our manufacturing base is in Southern Brazil offering a wide range of accessible natural resources and prominent technology and manufacturing platforms. All products are stocked at our warehouse facility in New Jersey.

We recently introduced The Signature Home Collection. It features a collection of products that cannot be easily matched anywhere else. The foundation of the line is contemporary and modern entertainment consoles.Additional entries will include occasional tables, casual dining, seating, curio cabinets and bedroom pieces. A wide range of materials and technology platforms have enabled us to combine bold lacquers with engineered wood as well as solid exotic Brazilian hardwoods with bold fabric patterns and textures. 

Sample Products 

Signature Collection:

The signature collection is their premium offerings and they are hard to match or even come close to.. These units are stunning and absolutely eye catching.. 

Furnitech Collection:

Their regular collection has a lot to offer and you must check them out in order to really appreciate what they have.. 

Ambiance Collection:

The Ambiance collection features media entertainment centers with fireplaces built in.. Absolutely amazing

Indeed amazing media centers now available at AG Home Goods

AG Home Goods

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Modern stuff

Modern cool stuff...

Today I am sharing with all of you some really cool modern stuff I found while surfing the net. These things are all unique in their own special way.. 

Enjoy the pics and post... 

Modern Furniture Wardrobe for High End Bedroom Vanities, URBAN by Mobil Stella

In this picture, you will from see fabulous contemporary clothing folding door. Not only a multifunction product, it also be part of elegant bedroom interior. Made with the design firm, as well as details for each corner, Mobil Stella did not rule out elements of beauty. URBAN, is a program of modular cabinets and cupboards with internal structures made of wood particle board (E1 class), low-formaldehyde, Melamine internally and externally with melamine resin. The various of minimalist wardrobe designs with hinged glass, made with a size of 273.2 cm wide, 60.6 cm depth, and height of 254.1 cm. There are two systems to be placed in the swinging or sliding, is also available with ten types of laminated wood door panels, lacquer (glossy or arise) in samples of different colors. Custom glass folding door wardrobe, painted with the colors a lot or a mirror.

slate oak custom folding door wardrobe for exclusive bedroom concept

Folding wardrobe design ideas are very suitable for urban conditions, apartments, or rooms with medium scale who want to look modern. You will not get appropriate clothing storage with unique bedroom decoration, but also life cabinets ideas that enhance your room. No need to worry, although it remains affordable beautiful wardrobe. Pictures of walking wardrobes fitted with Oak Slate and matt varnished Antra-cite arise. You can also see other products Mobil Stella, such as sector closets or mark cabinet. Enjoy the beauty, harmony, with a blend of high quality materials with modern minimalist folding wardrobe. Visit Corazzin Group for more info.

pictures of walking wardrobes for clothing shelf furniture sets

minimalist affordable wardrobe closets for bedroom décor cabinets

Artistic and Unique Bathtub Design with Corian, Ocean Collection by Manuel Dreesmann

A feature of special bath is definitely going to get from this incredible bathtub design that was designed by a German designer Manuel Dreesmann. This is a Wave bathtub with a unique and stunning design that is dedicated to Bagno Sasso. Presents a form that displays the silhouette of the statue with aesthetics of the free form is quite artistic and very unique. This bathtub is made of high quality Corian that is able to hold long in your bathroom. They offer a charming beauty for the interior design bathroom shower and provide comfort that you desire. It was really beautiful bathtub design that is perfect to complement modern interior decor in your bathroom.
unique bathtub design with Corian Wave

This bathtub enclosure features a warm wood interior with a very elegant Corian and graceful design for a bathtub. Wave bathtub can be the perfect solution as the furniture to add style to bathroom design. A design that is provides exceptional comfortable bath and luxury design for you. This bath has a unique and artistic design that is different from ordinary bathtub design. Change your boring days in the bathroom and get the atmosphere of a fun bath with this special bathtub. [Manuel Dreesmann, bagnosasso]

comfortable bathtub design by Manuel Dreesmann

artistic stylish bathtub design Bagno Sasso

elegant Corian bathtub for modern bathroom

Multimedia System Audio Furniture sets, Presence by Bodor Audio

Audio designs become one important part of home décor inspirations. Bodor Audio has made an innovation, Presence, about modular audio that you can place it in a private room or minimalist living room. These home theater ideas, provide “Presence” high efficiency, energy saving speaker of interior designers in MYD-II and design studios (Csaba Finta, Viktor Pucsek), with Bodor Audio is for true audiophiles.
multimedia system audio stand for home theater

System audio cabinets from Bodor Audio, feels different from frequency responses 40-40KHz and sensibility: 93dB / 1W / 1m. These products also put a box: bass multi-placed, reflex equipped with 1216 X 570 X dimension of 570mm. This multimedia custom stand concept, consisting of a pair of loudspeakers, CD players, pre-amp and amplifier, vibration dampers and 50 inch plasma TV. In addition to the Presence also has a class D power amplifier, 4 channel stereo bi-amp or 2 channels bridged dual mono. Shown with designs in steel, and forms a beautiful home interior idea to make the presence of this really feels good to own. If you are not satisfied, you can also give a touch of typical elegant LED TV cabinet. New home entertainment system, will give the exhibit at the cinema house and Hi-fi Show in your dwelling.

custom audio cabinet ideas with elegant concept loudspeaker

minimalist audio stand furniture designs for modern living room

Chillida, Simple and Modern Rug Design with Carved Images by Nani Marquina

Nani Marquina never ceases to create a variety of rug designs are capable of extraordinary express something of himself. A new design is dedicated to Chillida in honor of his hard work over the years. Marquina try to take the creativity and motivation from the same source, namely his own experience. Chillida rug designed using the finest materials and craft techniques to offer the highest quality. This rug is perfect to complement the modern or contemporary interior decor in your home. They create a warm and pleasant atmosphere in any room with simple but attractive design.

simple and modern rug design with carved images

This rug is equipped with carved images and collages that further enhance the beauty of the interior became more stylish. The rug is very easy to be combined with any variety of interior decoration in your home. You can put this rug in the living room or bedroom to create new shades in the room. The rug brings together art and design in an intuitive manner so as to produce a high quality design. Go to the Nani Marquina for more information.
stylish modern rug by Nani Marquina

attractive rug design with craft techniques

rectangular and stylish rug design Chillida

Nani Marquina attractive rug design

Modern items galore

AG Home Goods



Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bathroom designs that will make you go WOW...

Bathroom designs that will make you go WOW... 

Today I am sharing with all of you bathroom designs that will make your mouth drop with excitement. These designs are definitely the latest offerings in the world of modern contemporary bathroom designs.. 

Enjoy the pics and post...

Comfortable Contemporary Freestanding Bathtub from Stone, Simi by Bathco

Here they are contemporary bathtub design that makes your bathroom such as one with nature and provide a pleasant bathing experience. This is a Simi freestanding bathtub designed by Bathco that using stone materials. It is made of natural stone that can retain heat so it is very comfortable when enjoying your bath time. This freestanding bathtub with enhanced therapeutic effect and give some luxury spa in your home. Simi is a collection of the natural series which comes with a light beige or dark gray color that you can choose to match the decor of your bathroom. This will maintain the hot tub on the water and give you a relaxing bath in the bath danrestoratif increases.

freestanding stone bathtub with a light beige Bathco

The stone against the back of a long hot bath and relax you when you provide hot water in this bathtub. Simple bathtub designs made of natural stone and high-quality options to provide comfort while you shower. It’s nice if you add a few drops of aromatherapy into the tub to make your bath time more comfortable. This freestanding bathtub will be your favorite corner in the house when you tired with your daily activities. Bring some luxury spa in your home with this awesome freestanding bathtub from Bathco.

comfortable freestanding bathtub with enhanced therapeutic effect
contemporary freestanding bathtub from stone Simi

Trendy and Modern Washbasin with Simple Design, 

Delos by Eoos

The atmosphere is very comfortable and new light to the bathroom has been presented in the design of bathroom furniture designed by Eoos for Duravit. Here they are Delos washbasin with a simple design that exciting enough to complete the modern or contemporary bathroom decor. It washbasin looks elegant that floats on the console does not have support. This is an attractive design that is able to create style of the bathroom decor and invites eternal beauty. The washbasin comes with white and very easy to be adapted to a variety of other bathroom furniture. It’s really an amazing design that is designed from high quality materials and durable.
modern washbasin with simple design Duravit

Delos washbasin is available in a single tap and double taps that you can choose according to tastes of the bathroom interior. Duravit is trying to create a trendsetter for the bathroom to make it look more attractive as a living room. But they have reduced design creates a comfortable atmosphere and light into the bathroom. This washbasin comes in the form of rectangular and oval with a simple design but still look attractive. Visit Duravit soon for more details.

trendy washbasin design Delos by Eoos
elegant white washbasin with double taps
simple oval washbasin Delos by Eoos

Organic and Ultra-Modern Sink with Simple Design, 

Bowl by Giquardo

The high furniture piece design with a special focus on the quality of trying to be displayed by the Italian company Componendo. They offer a unique design made from high quality materials and can last a long time. It is interesting that the product is suitable to complement the interior decor of your modern bathroom. The bathroom furniture has a simple shape but still look elegant and modern for bathroom decor. This bathroom furniture made from highest quality stainless steel combined with wood, Corian and glass. It was an amazing design that is able to create the style of the bathroom decor and invites eternal beauty.
ultra modern and elegant bathroom furniture

Componendo is using the best technology in combination with the incomparable Italian craftmanship to produce a perfect design. The collection of furniture comes in various shapes and designs that you can choose according to interior tastes. A stylish design makes your bathroom look more elegant and impressive. You can choose from a double washbasin with a two mirror or single washbasins with a mirror. All of them were able to create beauty in bathroom design and deliver a fresh new look for the interior. Visit Componendo soon for more information.
elegant bathroom furniture design Componendo
stylish bathroom furniture with unique design
modern bathroom furniture design with wood
bathroom furniture using the best technology
bathroom furniture design with Corian
double washbasin with a two mirror
single washbasins with a mirror
interesting bathroom furniture with glass
bathroom furniture highest quality stainless steel

Practical Washbasin and Water closet in One Unit, W + 

W by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti

Here is an interesting design that was designed by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti to complement your modern bathroom interior. This is the W + W from the Spanish manufacturer Roca bathroom with an amazing design. W + W are a sink that has been combined with a toilet to create a single new product. Washbasin + Water closet are W + W which are an innovative product for your bathroom decor. This unit is very practical for use in homes, offices and even in a public bathroom. It’s really a practical and economical design is easy to use in the bathroom.
creative washbasin and water closet Roca

An environmentally friendly design reuses waste water from the sink to fill the toilet tanks. Utilization of waste water can reduce total water use in the shower by 25% compared with standard 6/3-litre toilet. This unit is capable of saving space because its design is very practical and innovative. You do not have to worry about quality because Roca received ISH 09 Design Plus and an award in recognition of innovations that go to create this product. There is an interesting unit that combines the functionality and benefits water saving with cool design. I think they are quite creative!
economical washbasin and water closet
environmentally friendly washbasin and water closet
innovative washbasin and water closet
W + W by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti
cool washbasin and water closet design
practical washbasin and water closet in one

Modern trends in bathroom designs

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