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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Some Cool ideas and products

Some cool suggestions and products

Today we will write some useful information that many of you can use.. Such as how to spruce up your back yard, design ideas, and some cool products.. I hope all of you enjoy the post and pics..


Whether you have a modern home made for indoor-outdoor living or you’re just looking to jazz up your backyard, you can live well in the great outdoors. Here are five ways to take your exterior space to the next level:

1. Relax Away

Opt for pieces that might work in your living room. Today’s modern design studios are manufacturing everything from stunning sofas to perfect-for-lounging daybeds, all made from materials like weather-resistant polyethylene or polypropylene “wicker,” fade- and stain-resistant fabric, rust-proof powder-coated aluminum, and durable teak. Companies like Loll have even re-imagined the classic Adirondack lounger into an eco-chic, modern version that features a built-in bottle opener.

2. Dine Alfresco

If you like to entertain, an outdoor dining space can be great for dinner under the stars or backyard barbecues. Consider the size and material of your table; bistros may work well for smaller spaces and groups, and expandable rectangular options can fit a crowd. And while wood-slat tables are modern and rustic, powder-coated steel and glass-topped options might be easier to clean and dry after a rain shower. The same goes for seating: dining benches are popular for their casual, flexible nature, but stackable chairs can help save space during colder months.

3. Pick Planters

If you have a deck or paved patio space, adding pops of greenery can freshen up the exterior—and a striking planter can pull it all together. Modern planters are now made of cool materials like Corten steel, which weathers to a rusty red-orange hue, and molded fiberglass that comes in eye-catching, bright colors. Some are made from resin to look just like poured concrete, while unique illuminated options can even double as mood lighting.

4. Go for Comfort

Cushions and pillows in fun colors and bold patterns can add life to a seating area and make things inviting. Look for ones made from water-resistant, fade-resistant materials; Sunbrella specializes in such fabrics. Another way to up the comfort factor is by keeping things cool. Canopies and cabanas are great stationary options, but chic umbrellas and portable sunshades are ideal for shade on the go. Also keep in mind that when the sun sets, temperatures drop. Keep a stack of blankets handy so you can continue lounging long after sunset.

5. Lighten Up

Let the sun provide your lighting by day, but after dark, set the mood with contemporary fireplaces and lanterns. Outdoor fireplaces range from basic wood-burning fire pits to sculptural, ethanol-fueled creations. Metal-and-glass lanterns fit right into the modern aesthetic; cluster them together on a table as a centerpiece or use them to line a walkway.

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The Story of Modernism

We’ve talked about modern homes and the history of modern design in the Pacific Northwest, but what is modernism exactly?

With loose parameters, the answer may depend on who you ask, but here’s the simplified version: Modernism is a broad term used to describe a style—an aesthetic, an approach, or even an attitude—of architecture and design. The focus is on function, simplification of form, and a shift away from excessive ornamentation.

After World War I, Europe embraced the progressive modernist philosophy, influencing architects like Le Corbusier, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and Walter Gropius. The Museum of Modern Art highlighted this shift in 1932 with its “International Exhibition of Modern Architecture,” and from there, American modernism rose to prominence. Roughly spanning the 1930s–1970s, modernism eventually gave way to postmodernism and the blending of historic elements with newer construction methods. Today, modernism is being embraced once again, with a heavier focus on green innovation and a celebration of bold contrasts in regard to color, line, and material.

With such a broad history, it’s natural that modernism has several sub-styles, including:

Brutalism: Drawn from the French phrase béton brut, meaning “raw concrete,” Brutalist structures began as a low-cost building solution and are blocky, stark, and severe.

International Style: A “solution” to Art Deco, International Style structures boast a sleek look and are usually made of steel, glass, and concrete. Curtain walls, flat roofs, and sparse ornamentation are common features.

Shed: Characterized by a boxy, one- to two-story structure topped with a steep, single-slant roof, these homes are well suited to harness passive-solar energy.

Slick Skin: With smooth, glass-clad exteriors, these buildings take advantage of advanced construction methods to create a seamless look. Usually seen in corporate high-rises, these structures often feature little to no differentiation between floors.

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Eastside North

Eastside North Modern Homes

Suburbs north and east of Bellevue and Kirkland are quickly becoming in-demand areas to live as homeowners seek privacy and space. Many of these more rural towns and communities have restaurants, shops, and other convenient amenities for residents. Find classic modern properties that have been carefully preserved as well as contemporary builds, new condos, and Northwest Modern homes.

CNN Money named Redmond, just east of Kirkland, the fifth best small town in 2012. The area is undoubtedly Microsoft country, and the rapid growth of the computer giant set off a flurry of development in recent decades. Bonuses for homeowners include the popular Redmond Town Center outdoor mall and 560-acre Marymoor Park, which features a velodrome, climbing wall, off-leash dog park, and playing fields. The city’s close proximity to natural attractions like Lake Sammamish and the Cascade Mountains also make it an appealing place to live.

Further north, Woodinville offers the best of both worlds: a burgeoning wine tourism district with nearly 100 tasting rooms and large homes on generous lots in quiet, residential areas. Rural farmland and forested acres are a draw for those seeking room to grow. Unincorporated Hollywood Hill is a sought-after enclave for those who are willing to pay a premium.

Tucked between the eastern shore of Lake Sammamish and the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, Sammamish Plateau is a peaceful retreat for families and those seeking a more laid-back lifestyle. (Forbes even named Sammamish the Friendliest Town in the United States in 2012.) The orchards and rural farms that were once here in the early 20th century have slowly given way to retail centers and housing developments. Today, the Plateau is prized for its proximity to recreational activities like hiking, golfing, and boating, and for its scenic natural surrounds. It’s also a popular vacation spot in summer.

At the confluence of the Snoqualmie River and Raging River in Snoqualmie Valley, unincorporated Fall City is a rural bedroom community with around 5,000 residents. Its historic farming roots are evidenced today in U-Pick farms and abundant small-town charm. However, large estates and nearby attractions—the Summit at Snoqualmie ski resort, hiking in the Cascade Mountains, outlet stores in North Bend, Snoqualmie Falls, and three golf courses—make it a desirable escape.

Modern Chandeliers.. 


Pablo Cielo

The San Francisco lighting company Pablo has distinguished itself with a range of lighting models defined by flat panel LED technology, exceedingly elegant profiles, and refreshingly accessible prices. New arrivals at 2Modern include the Pablo Cielo Chandelier collection, which features arrangements of the original Cielo pendant light, suspended at varying heights in clusters of 3, 5, 7, or 13 elements. The Cielo pendant’s slender form and range of colorways and finishes are rendered only more dramatic by the artful repetition and asymmetry of the Cielo Chandelier range. And now, through October 25th only, the chandeliers, and all Pablo lighting, are on sale at a discount of 15%.


Hope all of you enjoyed the post and pics .. These were articles that should help many of you out in understanding the woprld of design as seen today by many of the top designers. 

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Three things that caught my attention this week and are worth taking a second look at...

Three things that caught my attention this week and are worth taking a second look at... 

Today we will be looking at three different homes, all in their own right simply amazing. Either because of the design elements used by the designer or the simplicity of the designs themselves they are todays things that are worth taking a second look at... 

Reductive Simplicity’ Transforms a Brooklyn Home!!!!!

Architect Chris Cooper and interior designer Jennifer Hanlin had the built-in advantage of both vision and good taste on their side when they renovated the two floors of their Brooklyn duplex. Who else but spatial esthetes could have envisioned a dark, utilitarian crawl space as a mezzanine-in-the-making, ready to house a library and TV room? Cooper and Hanlin did, and thanks to that bit of visionary thinking, added a whopping (by New York City standards) 325 square feet to an already sizable (by New York City standards) family home.
A gut renovation that included judiciously adding and subtracting volume (to create both perceived and actual space) has given the couple and their two young children a thoughtfully edited family home conducive to both communal living and privacy, replete with both light and textural richness. Cooper’s fondness for “reductive simplicity” and Hanlin’s desire for a “neutral, contemplative and calm” home made for an esthetic meeting of the minds, tastefully expressed in the curated selection of Modernist and contemporary furnishings that enhance the home’s new parameters. If only it were as reductively simple as this for the rest of us.

Brookyn townhouse4
Brooklyn Townhouse5

Brookyn townhouse3
Brooklyn townhouse2Brooklyn Townhouse8Brooklyn Townhouse6Brooklyn Townhouse7
I hope all opt you enjoyed the first item I found interesting.. Here we go with number two..

An exclusive sale for a very nice lighting concept.. If you ask me its still way to over priced but It is exquisite in every detail...

Fabian Italy goes on sale in The United States

Fabbian Lumi2

Italy’s rich tradition of glass making is given a contemporary spin by Fabbian, the Italian lighting brand that has taken the craft to new heights with a range of luminous modern lighting fixtures. Collaborations with a team of international designers and architects has produced a collection of glass pendants, wall and ceiling fixtures, and floor and table lamps defined by their visually striking forms and technologically advanced manufacturing methods. 2Modern is welcoming Fabbian to its family of stellar lighting brands with an exclusive sale that begins today, and lasts through August 24th. Take 15% off and get free shipping on all Fabbian lighting models, including the ethereal Lumi and Cloudy collections.

Fabbian Lumi

Fabbian cloudy2

Fabbian cloudy

A new kind of impact furniture.. 

Definitely likely to cause a big Wow with any of your guest.. These pieces stick out immediately when walking into a home that displays them. They are colorful yet graceful and adequate for today's modern home.. 


Taking furniture to artful heights, quite literally, is Italian brand Casamania, which, in collaboration with Swedish design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune, has released a collection of cabinets that derive inspiration from the great abstract painter Ellsworth Kelly. Casamania’s Legato cabinets (Legato, in Italian, translates as ‘tied together’) are clean rectilinear pieces, rendered striking for their brightly colored front doors of varying sizes, crafted from MDF, and given the rounded corners common in the flat shapes that Kelly made famous. This isn’t the first nod to Kelly by Claesson Koivisto Rune. The studio’s 2013 Kelly seating collection for another Italian furnishings brand, Tacchini, appropriated the same expanses of segmented monochromes seen on the Legato cabinets. Nothing wrong with melding art with craft, we say.





Screen shot 2014-09-16 at 8.41.16 AM
Hope of you enjoyed the three things worth taking a second look. The home was spectacular, the lamps exquisite, and the colorful furniture, well what can be said.. Its simply amazing... and a great tasteful way of introducing color into your modern home...

Hope you enjoyed the pics and post!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The horrors of loosing a pet in a fire.... but not by the fire itself...

I am writting this article today to comment on the mix-ups and the consequences of people that have no right to interfere taking matters into their own hands.

Has anyone reading this ever had a bad day, and made a decision based on what the person in front of them said or represented as facts.. And in the end find out that the person did this to deceive and was actually already planning with ulterior motives..

Well pet owners beware, in Miami Shores, miami there is a place where this happens and here is one such case.. A case where a great injustice is being committed and a loving pet owner is in danger of loosing his most prized possession, not only his beloved pet but his best friend..This comes after a house fire almost destroyed his home and the pet was taken away by animal rescue and delivered to this so called animal clinic in Miami...

And all because of a lying, worker at Miami Shores Animal Clinic, who made false statements and promises to a concerned and loving owner...

Please read below and if any of you find this as bad as I do, please write the clinic on their google local page and tell them... if you can show support and that would be greatly appreciated...

Here is a link to the Animal Clinics website:

Happier Times in Antonios life: Still a puppy and with his loving owner

Still more pictures of this wonderful dog growing up... 

From the pet owners own mouth: 

I will never understand how and why the entire team at this clinic would set out to make sure I lost the only thing left after the fire at my house, my dog Antonio. The Miami Shores Animal Clinic (MSAC) received Antonio by way of Animal control. I called their establishment and spoke with one of the staff who told me I had ONLY TWO OPTIONS with regards to Antonio. I could receive Antonio by paying what was sure to be a bill they had taken liberty of assuming I could not afford only to have the police come fine me and remove the dog days later. My other option was to sign a release of ownership over to the clinic so he could then be transferred out of Miami-Dade County and to the Broward Humane Society where I could then readopt him. I couldn’t understand why a release was necessary, but I was absolutely assured by their staff member Jennifer that I would have the chance to get my dog back as I would be included on knowing when the exact moment Antonio would be transported to the Broward facility. I visited him over the next couple days and the clinic saw firsthand the special relationship I had with this animal. I met the veterinarian caring for him and asked him what was next for his recovery. I was saddened to hear that it could possibly be weeks before he would get released. Strangely, hours after I left the clinic that same very day as the news from the vet, I received “the warning call” that Antonio was being release to Broward the very next day given his progress. I did not get that call the next day so I called and strangely Jennifer was off. I was devastated when Jennifer called me upon returning to the office where she said he had been transported to Broward already and that’s all they could say since I signed the release! I spent the next 7 days scouring Broward shelters for my dog. NEVER did ANY shelter receive Antonio, especially the one in which I was assured he went to. I was back at Miami Shores Animal clinic meeting one of the managers name

Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Couple Interesting Things

A couple interesting things... 

Today I am writing about two things that caught my eye while going through various blogs.. One a very interesting chandelier and the other an amazing design on a staircase in the oddest place you could imagine.. Mumbai, India..

Enjoy the pics and post.....

An Interesting Chandelier

Invisible chandelier

Canadian design studio Castor has taken up-cycling to novel and ironic heights with a chandelier made entirely from burnt-out light bulbs. Designers Kei Ng and Brian Richer, who founded Castor in 2006 with the intention of recasting common and discarded materials in unexpected ways, keep things interesting with a range of products that straddle a line somewhere between art and design (and a dollop of theatre)—the obvious goal being to inject some much-needed fun into function. To that end, Castor’s Invisible Chandelier is an illuminating solution, a sumptuous collection of spent, seemingly useless, light bulbs forming a sparkling, light-emitting canopy overhead—every bit avant garde art piece as much as lighting solution. Invisible Chandelier and other lighting models by Castor are now available throughout the web...

Invisible Chandelier2




A Staircase with a statement in Mumbai India


Attention-getting staircases aren’t exactly a novel concept in contemporary architecture, but, by any measure, this ultra refined apartment scheme offers up one of the more astonishing staircase designs in recent memory. Aiming to create vertical continuity between each of the 3 duplex apartments that comprise a 6-story family home in the city of Mumbai, India, the architectural firm of Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop arrived at an ingenious visual device, both practical and esthetically compelling—with a staircase that’s as much art piece as segue.

Occupying the heart of each duplex’s floor plan, a composition of thick horizontal wood treads, gently bent at both ends, snakes upwards, connecting each floor to the one above, while creating a delineating element in the wide open spaces below. “It was designed as a sculpture in the space with more light and natural ventilation,” say the architects, of their esthetically weighty, but visually poetic design. An awe-inspiring creation, not surprisingly, that they’ve positioned to be visible from most anywhere in the apartmentand who could blame them for that? 






Hope you enjoyed the post... 

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

15 Cool Attic Home Office Design Inspirations

Today I am showing all of you 15 of the coolest attic office designs any of you have seen. Compact, Large, comfortable, and room sized, these spaces are sure to surrize many of you.. Who knew you could turn todays small tight attacks or above garage spaces, long thought of just as storage into a dream office or library, your very own quiet little space unknown to most or whose location is kept secret.. 

Take a look.....

If you need a private home office where your family members won’t disturb you think about the attic. It’s usually not that big but that is more than enough for a cozy home office probably even with a good view. Besides an attic is a space that usually serves as a storage space for things that nobody use for years. Usually you can simply though it all away and decorate a home office right away. We’ve gathered for you some inspirations that can help you with that. Enjoy!

Definitely a private unknown place in most kurt homes,... 


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