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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sailing Day 6.. finally the boat starts going

Sailing day 5

So day five, which saw just about every bit of news , email, phone call received be nothing more then bad news finally turned out much better then expected.. Let me begin by saying i had an account closed then reopened then the number was changed through a PayPal linked interface, then my BOA was 9,000 negative with more 35.00 fees then you could count on one hand, my Citibank card was cancelled because of a mistake made by yes this true Citibank and blamed on me.. Of course my true friend Jessica which remained cool headed even after the 1 hour wait going through BOA telephone SUPPORT SYSTEM" or as i call it the twilight zone ride into the big underworld of sketch where it seems no matter what you say you end up right where you started where a seemingly nice man says befpre i can transfer you to an associate i must first get some information from you to transfer you to the right one... Over and over again and finally as you teach a living live person ithe United States and not half way across the world silence envelops your phone.. Your signal has blinked and at that moment in time well lets just say my phone is lucky to be alive..

Then on to Citibank where they decide on their own to take a payment out of your default account when none was due, not to mention the fact that we called them and let them know we had made a mistake in accidentally clicking Citibank payment from a non existent account number two seconds after it happened and we were personally guaranteed by the National of some other country that nothing would come of this and yesterday as we again talked to someone outside the United States, and please get this very carefully.. We asked why the account was on hold and their reply was oh yes sir you are a wonderful person as well have a great night.. And hung up the phone.. Hummmmm .. Makes you wonder..

Then its paypal and car payments.. Seems someone got into my. Redit file but with fast movement by my partner and friend.. I now believe everything might be ok.. Then of course there was the incident in which my best friend crashes again (twice now) while on his way to pick me up.. Claims he was in Rose something city off orlando and was waiting for hertz.. Then hertz arrives (the closest local hertz ) and instead of taking him to the closest agency decides to take him to Miami to fill out the paperwork.. Seems a little fisjy yo me.. Especially since policy is to take you to the nearest car rental place having the same brand.. But oh well .. So I am stuck once more in New Smerna Beach... However i must say one thing.. I aglad i was here to see us finally get the engine on the boat and clean it up and make it look for once like an actual niceclean sailboat, both inside and out..

So tomorrow we set sail for Miami and final,y are set to embark on our long ago promised journey through Indian River Florida, through mosquito swamp, and through the river all teh way down to Miami... Its now been over 6 weeks since we started but seeing the excitement on Jessica's face as the engine fit right into place was what do you call it priceless.. And i can see a commercial that goes something like this..

Koa being lazy in tbe morning and storing for wrong so that its useless he following morning.. 100.00

Jessica spending so much time in the bathroom it literally costs us slip time..150.00

Alex cleaning every five minutes using up  towels, cleaners, water, and other resources.200.00

The look on all our faces as the engine slid right into place and the back of the boat was free from debris... PRICELESS...



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