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Sunday, May 6, 2012

A few modern ideas...

A few modern ideas...
that are sure to make your home a great, talked about, modern contemporary home...

Today I am sharing with you other ways t look at your kitchen island, not the same old block like we are use to but anew sleek design kitchen Island. I will also share some really cool modern lighting, some couches out f the ordinary, and a  textured wall, which makes any home pop out from the rest.

Enjoy the pics and post... 

Leather Seating for  Linear and Corner Placement,          Jazz Sofa by Matteo Nunziati

This is modular elements that appear luxurious than beautiful minimalist furniture. Designed with a stunning piece of leather sofas combined with the support legs of a strong stainless. Not only texturally balanced interiors for living room with maximum comfort. Jazz Sofa has an advantage with features that allow for accommodating the placement of linear or angle. So that later you are free to decide to create a full back and half the back of the sofa and the most minimal bench. This is what we liked from the functional sofa, which can be modified use. Very soft leather destined to sit down and lean during breaks. Matteo Nunziati has been working with Matteograssi, industry specifically working to craft-based leather furniture. Place the two sofas and coffee tables provide little to enrich the atmosphere.

decorating living room with plush sofas corner Matteo Nunziati

multipurpose sofa with full back position and linear

idea of leather sofa with chrome legs Matteograssi

lounge sofa modern minimalist design for contemporary living

Amazing sofa designs and with proper placement the house that gets them will be on top of its game..

Elegant Stylish Porcelain Lamp with Original Sculpture      by Kafka

Modern lighting design with a core of original sculpture by Kafka creations is amazing crafts. This lamp is created to beautify every corner of the room with creating a pleasant of spot soft light. The Trou series a very elegant way to accent the atmosphere and gives a different nuance in a room. You can plug this porcelain lamp in the wall and ceiling or hung as a pendant. You can even put these lights if you prefer it as a table lamp. These lamps have a cylindrical shape or scope of the stylish and provide a pleasant atmosphere when lit.

striking lamp design with brilliant typography as a design element

Another series is the XY series with striking design and bold enough to use brilliant typography as a design element. This series can be hung with a thin metal wire or placed as a table lamp through a discrete basis. This porcelain lamp is perfect for your place in the living room or to provide a relaxing and sensual atmosphere in your bedroom. Create an elegance aura in esthetics high-quality porcelain. Porcelain lamp is suitable for you who have a house with a modern style. This is a new design that will complement the beauty of your room decor. [Kafka Design]  

modern lighting design with amazing crafts

elegant stylish porcelain lamp with original sculpture

cylindrical shape lamp with spot soft light

simple lamp design for modern home interior decorstylish lamp with a thin metal wire Kafka

beautiful modern lamp with high quality porcelain


Modern Texture Wall Tile with Infinite Shades of Gray,     by Raffaelo Galiotto

Start to you gives a touch of elegance with an interesting effect to the walls of your home. Here introduces Nuance wall tiles made of sandstone to create a beautiful visual appeal on the wall. This unique wall tiles is designed by an artist Raffaelo Galiotto to Lithos. Have interesting textures that are designed to use six CNC machines. This wall comes with a diverse variety of surfaces and you can choose according to your preferences. It will be the right choice of wall design to complement the modern design in your home. Very interesting with infinite shades of gray that makes your walls more beautiful.
wall tile with infinite shades of gray Lithos
Take a look the design on this tile wall and can you see the way in which the sandstone interacts with light? Very interesting isn’t it? It was creating amazing visual appeal to the house wall. Wall tile designs are quite complicated but it gives a calming effect on each room. Nuance has a different attractive design with different wall designs. This is a unique wall design with elegant texture to any wall in your home. Visit Lithos soon to learn more about this amazing product. [lithosdesign]

wall tile with elegant texture Raffaelo Galiotto

calming effect on wall tile with amazing visual appeal
unique wall design with a diverse variety of surfaces
interesting wall tile made of sandstone


















































A Kitchen Island with various Zones of modern, low energy LED Lighting, 

Aquarium Kitchen by Darren Morgan

This is extraordinary way to show you how additional accessories can be a perfect balance. When we see something unique in this modern kitchen, then this is the main feature that makes it a major star in the room. The impression that shade will be felt from the model kitchen at the kitchen island has an additional tank. This is creating dynamic atmosphere by adding more fresh energy that makes for life. Aquarium Kitchen with an attractive design makes it a superb kitchen. Darren Morgan to create interactive settings and low energy light LEDs, is intended by the room of the house more passionate. Kitchen islands has three-meter long aquarium, make the change from your everyday kitchen into a beautiful party. Had this kitchen manufactured by Glenvale Kitchens in Northern Ireland, making it a favorite to enjoy delicious dishes. You do not have to hesitate any longer for the kitchen which has fitted a set of corner drawer interiors fantastic as colorful in your modern home. [Darren Morgan]

kitchen island with aquarium environment for dynamic home

trendy kitchen island with interactive LED lighting 

place of family party with attractive design Darren Morgan

modern kitchen with concept of transforming multimedia

This kitchen island is absolutely fantastic..  Amazing designs

Great modern items

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