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Monday, May 14, 2012

All about modern fireplaces and flooring...

All about modern fireplaces and flooring... 

Today I am sharing with all of you ideas on how to place modern fireplaces in your home decor and how to pick the proper flooring to make your home shine against all other modern contemporary homes.. These items are sure to make you the talk of the neighborhood..

Enjoy the pics and post.. 

Minimalist and Unique Fireplace Ideas with Simple Design 

by Acquaefuoco

Acquaefuoco offers a new design for the fire system with a wide selection of very interesting forms. This fireplace is designed to integrate state-of-the-art with the beauty of the fire to securing a unique design. Design of a fireplace is the most popular with the teardrop form of a simple and appealing to the minimalist decor. You can choose a variety of sizes and colors are available according to the tastes of your interior. Hang on the wall for a larger fireplace or give some sections and mounted on the wall for a smaller size. The stylish fireplace is perfect to complement the modern or contemporary interior decor in your home.

modern teardrop fireplace most popular

This collection of fireplaces comes in a variety of designs that you can choose them from a piece of transparent double aspect that can sit on the floor or wall mounted, for the creation of combined rack. They also have various shapes such as a very unique fireplace grate circular porthole-like windows, rack mounted with a piece of transparent glass cover. Many options fireplace designs that you can choose to create warmth and make the room more stylish. Only the formation of regular fireplace bricks at one end of the room, filled with fuel and connected to the chimney, but Acquaefuoco provide new innovations to provide a force on the room and inviting timeless beauty.

unique fireplace ideas with simple design
simple and minimalist fireplace Acquaefuoco
fireplace design with Glass cover
fireplace grate circular porthole like windows
stylish fireplace design wall mounted
new design for the fire system
minimalist fireplace with variety of sizes
innovative fireplace design by Acquaefuoco
contemporary rack mounted fireplace design

Absolutely stunning designs on indoor fireplaces.. 

Big Beautiful Handmade Decorative Curva Fireplace from 


Decorating the house will look attractive with the addition of more modern fireplace resembles television cube or rectangular shape. Safretti makes it very beautiful and amazing to look for exclusive living room in apartment. The forms of fun for bio-fuel fireplace design that is safe, and secured license as certified SITAC (Scandinavia), TÜV (Europe) and (C), UL (USA, Canada). It very typical Dutch style with collection of new designs to be installed in every room. It is adaptable to indoor or semi patio decoration. Curva Fireplace When placed in the living room apartment, this can be as beautiful partition that gives the product a special touch.

Safretti indoor fireplace for modern home interiors

For the garden or porch that is wide enough, you can wear XL Curva series of white, or square-shaped Curva XT. Safretti in collaboration with famous designers like Roderick Vos for providing detailed pieces of extra-ordinary. The whole point is made with another touch of the ordinary, with a combined design handmade. In combustion systems using bio-infused potato burn-alcohol and do not need a flue, so there are no emissions or pollution. It designed with two elegant color, black and white as well as six variations of shape. Packaging officially makes us feel safe to use it for the whole family. So it is unique consistent taste of modern fireplace for your home lifestyle.[Safretti]

latest collection amazing garden fireplace Roderick Vos
firebox round shape without exhaust emissions Curva XT
revolutionary design of apartment fireplace Curva XL
white Curva DT with two fire design
certificate fire safety system for exclusive decor Safretti
fireplace handmade for beauty exterior Curva BL
bio alcohol fireplace for modern living room furniture Curva ST

Smart Eco-Friendly Luxury Lasize, Indoor Free Standing 

Bioethanol Fire

Fireplace is now the withdrawal has become a staple every home, especially those experiencing the four seasons and long winters. Climate change also has led to a shift in weather that sometimes erratic, so the living room fireplace is the exact reason for the heated media at home. However, the prestigious fires realize not every house has a special place that can be used as a place to put the firewood. In addition, an increasingly sophisticated era make innovation continues to grow, one of which Lasize free standing fireplace that could be moved to adjust the room. It’s very portable as you want so no need to bother and stay moving from the family room to living room decor as well as partitions.

bio fireplace futuristic super friendly environment with modern designs

It uses bio-ethanol for heating, not smelling like wood and environmentally friendly. Bio-futuristic fireplace is safe for the kids and your family without worrying about heat, smoke or over wood burning. For information, fuel capacity of 1.5 liters and burns 1 liter every 4 hours, it also has heat output of 1.8KW per hour. Other advanced features on Lasize is has its own extendable lighter and extinguished using the sliding mechanism, easy to use so you do not have to stick your hands in the flame. The flame height is controlled so does not need cleaning. If you need a living space elegant decor, this could be modern furniture because it is made beautiful patented ceramic cores. The dimensions are 1360mm x 980mm x 320mm that can be used in the corner. Prestigious fires it has long been known for its unique futuristic fireplace so that the user apartments and public spaces also liked the idea of their contemporary designs. Visit Prestigious fires for more information.

contemporary free standing corner fireplace for glamorous apartment decor

Absolutely amazing design...

Nature Inspired, Horizon Wooden Floors with Special 

Protective Oil by Parketipi

Inspired by the beauty of a nature that is peaceful and soothing created in the wood decking designed byParketipi. This is Horizon floor that is designed using solid wood with special protective oil. The floor can resist water capacity, raising grain and come in natural colors. This wood flooring is perfect for you who like to be surrounded by the warm sensation of wood are also outside the home. Horizon wooden floors provide soothing natural shades indoors and outdoors. Natural atmosphere of peace and quiet you’ll get anywhere these wood floors laid.

Horizon wooden floors with special protective oil

You can decorate the coat for swimming pool, solarium, sauna, bathroom or wherever you want. To maintain their characteristics change from time to time the type of wood used is teak, garapa and IPE are not afraid of water. The wood floor is perfect to complement the modern or contemporary home decor. A simple design that is able to create a wrap-around arrangement and safe for your home. Visit Parketipi soon for more information.

simple wooden floors design by Parketipi
minimalist wooden floor design nature inspired
natural wooden floors using solid wood
wooden floor decking with simple design
wooden floor for indoors and outdoors

Natural Wood Flooring with Unique and Simple Design by 


This is the most perfect footing wood to complement your room decor with presenting the perfection of charming design. A new innovation from the floor with a roughened appearance created by Mafi to see handicraft scratched. Made from a quality selection of wood and its motto is “the floor like a tree” because each tree has a unique and simple design, as well as the floor. You just need to brush and to see a pure natural oiled wood. This product will make your room look natural and fun like the rural atmosphere. It is suitable for you who have a home with contemporary and modern style.

natural wood flooring with unique and simple design by Mafi

Perfect design that will beautify the decor in your home with natural wood color displays. Inspiration is taken from the type of wood they work with and go from there, truly a unique and simple design. You can customize it with whatever furniture you want. The new product is very dynamic for a foothold in your home and highlights the beauty of nature. This wood flooring with the rough appearance so it will not make you slip when wet. Would you be interested? Check out Mafi soon to learn more about this product.
perfect footing wood with a roughened appearance
simple flooring made from a quality selection of wood
dynamic artistic flooring for modern home design
unique flooring with natural wood color displays

Beautiful fireplace placement ideas and excellent wood flooring with an amazing touch

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  2. I think the best interior design and furniture are necessary for house. It gives new and pretty looks of your house. Thanks for sharing such a great idea.

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  3. It's really amazing to see above stuff! I loved all above images particularly the creativity of fire and certainly the wooden floor is also extraordinary. I'm gonna get some furniture, please see here and I think, wooden floor will be great choice for my place.


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