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Monday, March 14, 2011

Bathroom Design Trends 2011

       I found this amazing article on bathroom design trends for 2011 and I think all of you should read this. I remember when the more items you had the better it was. Well the more items you stuffed in your over sized closet we called a bathroom. Well thats all changed and now we see minimal designs with barely a tub sink and toilet and very little else in terms of accents.. Most items are now in the closet and only used when we are actually using the facilities and the rest of the time our modern bathrooms have become a show place of designers and novice designers t show them selves off and the work they do.. They have become another room in the house to leave open and display unlike the closed off sections we had when I was a kid when visit came a place we stuffed everything into to show the rest of the house. They have gone from uncomfortable closet like impractical stuffed rooms to bigger then room open spaces more times then not with two and even three sinks, two toilets, and round large jacuzzi style tubs.. The bathroom has become transformed into a luxurious room for us to have complete experiences of cosmic relaxation after our everyday complicated lives a room to share with friends and family and another room for to showcase our modern homes.. 

Please read the following article posted by: 

Link to: Home re-Design Kaleidoscope

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Minimalism or antiquity, and certainly functionality with comfort are the main interior design trends that penetrated even into modern bathroom furniture, lighting and fixtures design.
Natural materials, water and energy saving modernbathroom fixtures, organic shapes and colorful designcreate contemporary interior design style and bathroom decor that is functional, stylish and eco friendly.

Modern bathroom design trends for 2011

Eco friendly modern interior design ideas are very popular. Installing modern bathroom vanities, bathtubs, arranging shelves and accessories that are made of environmentally friendly materials, modern stainless steel, glass or wood, are trendy remodeling ideas for 2011. Moisture resistant finish protects warm wood bathroom flooring , wooden bathroom furniture, small bathroom decor accessories and modern mirrorsframes. Inspired by nature, trendy interior design colors, from natural wood and stone to bright sky and grass tones, create cheerful contemporary interior design and bathroom decorating.
Modern bathroom design ideas include large windows, stone and wood structural and decorating elements that connect contemporary bathroom decor to the nature and create relaxing environment. Arranginggreen house plants on the floor or walls and designing interesting floral compositions are modern bathroom design trends also. Leaves and flowers add beautiful forest green color to the contemporary interior designpalette and create calming, the spa like atmosphere.

1. Antique bathroom furniture and accessories

Antique bathroom vanity, modern bathroom design trends
antique-bathroom decor-vanities-cabinets-round-oval
Modern interior design and bathroom decorating, antique bathroom vanity

Antique bathroom cabinets style and antique fixtures design for creating antique bathroom decor are trendy. Antique bathroom decor with carved wood shelves or custom made modern mirrors frames, and selecting made of high quality plastic or natural stone and exotic wood bathroom furniture and tubs aremodern bathroom design trends for 2011.
Antique bathroom designs for modern interiors, white porcelain modern bathroom decor

Custom made modern bathroom vanity is not cheap, but looks unique and stylish. (Read about uniquemodern sink design and stone mirrors from Italy.)

2. Contemporary bathroom showers

Modern bathroom design trends, spa whirlpool shower, white modern bathroom vanity
Energy and water saving whirlpools and showers are trendy options for modern bathroom design for 2011. Choosing healthy, charming and functional showers and installing eco friendly bathroom faucets aremodern bathroom design trends that support eco style and healthy living concepts. (Look at latest contemporary glass walk-in showers for modern bathroom design.)
Contemporary bathroom shower for modern bathroom design

Modern showers, that provides spinal and foot massage with water jets, aromatherapy or ozone therapy are the part of experiencing modern bathrooms luxury in 2011. (Read about the latest tub design ideas.)

3. Modern eco bathtubs design trends

Innovative concepts, hi quality acrylic bathtubs with built-in LED lights, and LED lighting wall decor are beautiful modern bathroom design ideas. The bathtubs with energy efficient LED lights have special sensorbathroom fixtures control systems to regulate the water temperature and pressure and saving up to 60% of water. Modern bathroom decor with LED lights looks great also. (Read about beautiful bathtub designwith LED lights.)
Contemporary bathroom decor, acrylic bathtub with LED lights, modern bathroom design trends

4. Modern wood and stone bathtub design

Stone and wood, that keep the heat well, become popular eco friendly materials for contemporarybathroom design and stylish modern interiors decorating. Choosing bathroom granite, marble or precious onyx and decorating the bathroom with tilesmodern stainless steel fixtures, contemporary glass shelves and decor accessories, or installing warm wood bathtubs are modern bathroom design trends for 2011.
Stone bathtubs, sauna and contemporary bathroom decor, modern interiors design trends

Man made stone materials are modern also. Stylish stone bathtubs create luxurious contemporary decor. Artificial stone bathtubs are lighter than cast iron.  Like popular inexpensive acrylic tubs, stone bathtubs can be made in various shapes, as today’s customers desire.

Installing stone bathtubs that keep the water temperature constant, and arranging modern green plants decoration or elegant flower composition with soft LED lights are attractive, inspired by nature, modern bathroom design trends.
Modern bathroom design trends, stone bathtubs, crystal tub with modern lighting design

Finely polished contemporary stone bathtubs and bathroom showers feel smooth and pleasant. Stone bathtubs and showers, made of natural stone, ceramic or glass bathroom tiles, are practical. Glass, stone and tiles are resistant to household chemicals, including those that destroy popular acrylic tubs.
Wood tub for contemporary bathroom decor, design for modern interiors

5. Eco design trends

Combining cozy wood bathroom furniture , sleek modern stainless steel bathroom fixtures and creating stylish contrasts are modern bathroom design trends for 2011. Bright contemporary bathroom decor with soft,  inspired by nature, decorating accents looks simple, comfortable and stylish.
Modern bathroom cabinets, wallpaper and accessories, modern bathroom design trends
Contemporary bathroom decor, stone bathtubs, green plants and cacti, photo via

Fresh flower bouquets and dried flower arrangements beautify sleek contemporary bathroom decor. House plants add forest green color, clean the air and remind of nature.
Installing eco friendly washer models, water saving bathroom faucets, energy efficient modern lighting fixtures and applying contemporary recycling ideas are modern bathroom design trends for 2011.
Eco bathroom decor, paper recycling design, disposable garbage bin design from Riccardo Nannini, modern bathroom design trends

6. Smart sensor bathroom faucets

Modern bathroom design offers smart sensor bathroom fixtures and various exciting modern bathroom sinkshapes and materials. All geometric and free shaped modern sinks, not only round and smooth, are trendy and stylish. Leather like materials, glass and hi quality colorful plastic make the design unique and modern. (Read about new bathroom design styles and modern sinks.)
Sensor equipped, eco friendly bathroom faucets remember the water temperature you like and turn the water on, when your hands are ready. Smart modern stainless steel bathroom faucets regulate the water pressure and signal, when you are wasting water.
Glass bathroom vanities, contemporary interior design, modern stainless steel faucets

Modern bathroom design trends show space-saving square and triangular contemporary bathroom sinksand vanities that perfectly fit into the corners. Classic or contemporary bathroom faucets have similar form to match modern sinks design.  Elegant simplicity and functionality create stylish eco friendly bathroom decor for 2011.

7. Eco bathroom lighting with LED lights

Contemporary bathroom lighting with LED lights, eco style bathroom decor accessories

Inspired by nature, decorative bathroom lighting and tiles design with energy saving LED lights are newbathroom design trends. (Read and see photos of eco wall tile designs with LED lights for eco friendlymodern interiors.)

8. Multifunctional contemporary bathroom decor

Shower head and mirror, modern stainless steel accessories, contemporary bathroom decor, modern bathroom design trends

Modern bathroom decor items for 2011 are comfortable, practical and take less space. What takes less space is trendy. Installing functional compact contemporary bathroom furniture and selecting multifunctional modern bathroom decor accessories are space-saving small bathroom design trends for 2011. ( Read about modern small bathroom renovating ideas.)

9. Modern luxury design

Ordinary towel bars do not provide enough comfort for creating modern bathroom decor today. People want to experience pleasantly warm towels, and modern heated towel rails allow to do it in style. Installing a charming wooden or modern stainless steel bathroom towel heater adds interesting decor accents, comfort and some luxury to contemporary bathroom design.
Contemporary bathroom vanities for modern interiors, modern interior design trends, modern bathroom decorating accessories

Installing practical and stylish wooden bathroom heater, that allows to change the temperature in accordance to personal comfort preferences, or decorating modern interiors with creatively designed towel heaters, are modern bathroom design trends and smart renovating ideas for 2011. Beautiful wooden and modern stainless steel bathroom heaters add  functional luxury and style to contemporary bathroom decor. (Read about contemporary heaters, bath accessories for luxury bathroom decorating.)

10. Colorful modern bathroom design trends

Creating colorful contemporary bathroom decor with walls stickers, water resistant wallpaper with green leaves or floral designs, modern bathroom tiles, made of glass or metal, creative wall painting or stylish stripes are modern bathroom design trends. Read about stylish stripes and decorating home interior with modern stripes.)
Colorful contemporary bathroom decor, shower heads from Ili-D, colorful modern bathroom design trends

Hight quality colorful contemporary bathroom  shower heads and handles (available in forty one colors from Ili-D Out of the Blue Design Studio, help quickly create energetic interior decorating design.

Selecting colorful contemporary bathroom decor accessories, stylish wall paint design and bright bathroom fixtures are fresh and modern design trends for cheerful and interesting modern interior decorating. Colorful modern sinks and bathroom faucets, curtains and modern bathroom cabinets, bright towels and shelves create positive energy, good mood and pleasant modern bathroom design.

Today I will post a good design trends article on kitchens followed by bedrooms and living rooms to complete my trends of 2011 series... 

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