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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Modern, Contemporary Bedroom design over Traditional Wood designs


I wanted to share with all of you these stunning examples of the modern, contemporary clean looking minimal style of design, a design style that seems to be winning over many areas over more traditional bulky wood furniture of yesterday. More and more we are seeing leather light King Size beds replace old expensive hard pure wood beds not only due to the price, but thge easiness of replacement every few years unlike the old wooden beds that were kept for endless years and even passed from one generation to the next. 


People are beginng to realize that going to IKEA or trendy stores to buy cheaper but trendy items allows them to change with th times or simply when they are bored with what they have. I mean how many of us have grandparents that have had the same bedroom furniture their entire lives.... 


Extreme Minimalism Beds Design – Wing Bed by Presotto Italian


Wing Bed with Extreme Minimalism Beds Design Extreme Minimalism Beds Design   Wing Bed by Presotto Italian
Wing-Bed with Extreme Minimalism Beds Design

Here are the cool extreme minimalism beds design – wing bed by Presotto. this beds supported by transparent panel. The bed is attached to the board, while a plywood base capacity for maximum comfort with several beds. All parts are backed by a transparent acrylic panel that helps to get the bed looks so bright and airy. The head is soft to the touch and beautiful and has a diamond pattern and contrast stitching. The bed is available in a variety of finishes of the company and may be accompanied by lights under the bed. let’s check the Extreme Minimalism Beds Design – Wing Bed by Presotto Italia Picture below:

Extreme Minimalism Beds Design ideas Extreme Minimalism Beds Design   Wing Bed by Presotto Italian
Extreme Minimalism Beds Design ideas

Cool Wing Beds design ideas Extreme Minimalism Beds Design   Wing Bed by Presotto Italian
Cool Wing Beds design ideas


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