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Sunday, March 4, 2012

All about Dining

All about Dining

Today I am sharing all my little secrets to having that perfect dining room to wine and dine your guests.. I will explain how to select the right sized table, the number of place settings, and many other secrets that are sure to make your modern dining room a hit with all your guests..

Enjoy the pics and post..

Selecting The Correct table size...

While you may assume that bigger is better when shopping for a dining room table, you need to take the space into consideration. That gorgeous, extra wide table may look spectacular in the showroom but it will quickly dwarf a small room. Not to mention, you want your guests to be able to comfortably walk behind the chairs (not squeeze), even when they are occupied.
Average Size
Most dining room tables measure around 30 inches tall with an average width of 36 to 42 inches. While that may not seem like a big difference, six inches can have a positive or negative effect on a room. Unless you absolutely have to, avoid tables that are narrower than 30 inches as things tend to get a little cramped if you have all of the seats filled.
Round or Square?
Although square tables tend to be preferred, if you do a lot of entertaining, round dining room tables are actually ideal because your guests can chat a little easier. Not to mention, since they sit on a pedestal, there are no legs to take up extra space. If you love the look of a traditional square table that seats four people but you know that on occasion you like to invite over an extra couple, consider buying one with a leaf that can be added and invest in two additional chairs that you can store in the spare room.
The Extras
If you have a rug under your dining room table, it needs to measure at least four feet wider and longer than the table. This will allow room on all sides. No one enjoys sitting in a chair half on and half off of a rug.
Also, if you have a large chandelier, your dining room table needs to be 12 inches wider than the piece. This will balance the room and ensure that no one hits their head when they stand up.

More Dining Choices

Make your next evening one to remember. The modern dining room can be conceived of in many ways, but one of the most popular has been to incorporate Italian styling, for its sophisticated, minimalist roots. The Party Modern Dining Set is designed by Antonello Italia, a native of Italy, to be a luxurious dining experience. The basic set contains your choice of either walnut or wenge table with a black or white glass tabletop, and four matching leather chairs, customizable in one of over twenty different options. You can infuse this rich, deluxe dining set with your own personality, and watch as your guests marvel at your sense of style. The Party Modern Dining Set by Antonello Italia can be found at for $4,375.00 and up, depending on additional components.

Modern Contemporary Options...

dining room set

Enjoy your meals in style with this Fly Dining Room Set. The table features an ebony base composed of two crossed thick wooden legs that hold up a unique plexiglass tabletop. You can enjoy a touch of class with your meals, as the pristine white leather of the chairs compliments the eye-catching table. The chairs are made of genuine white leather that is woven onto the frames to create a secure, stable and comfortable seat. A high-gloss, matching buffet is also available that will round out your dining room and ensure a consistent and modern decor is maintained throughout the entire room. You can purchase the Fly Dining Room Set from Spacify for $4,811 which includes 6 chairs and the table, or for $7,900 which includes the 6 chairs, table and ottoman.

Special Pieces...


Smooth organic materials in an irregular modern design. Spice up your kitchen with more than just some paprika! This Brave Stagger Server will give your space the touch of modern art it craves – while maintaining an earthy vibe. This is an ideal storage unit for a kitchen with style, and its modular design allows you to decide where, and how much, closed storage it has. You can display or hide your kitchen miscellanea as you see fit. Made from amber and blonde bamboo with an organic herbal oil finish, this is a durable and unique piece of kitchen furniture. You can get your very own from Spacify for $2,648.00.

Table Options...

Mistral Dining Room SetMistral Dining Room Set

Bold and minimal. Modern and sleek. This Mistral dining room set will create a casual but elegant atmosphere for your dining room. With this set you get the minimalist glass extensible table and four chairs – that come in either black, blue, white, off-white, red or yellow. No matter what your current decor is, you can customize this dining room set to match. Because of its sleek design it will not overcrowd your dining area, but it will rather compliment its surroundings and make your meals a pleasure to sit down to eat. You can purchase this set fromSpacify for $5,323.00. Because you can customize everything from the table dimensions and finish to the chair colors, the price will vary depending on your choices.


NO NEED TO CHECK THE LEGS, your table isn’t lopsided: CB2′sPlanet Dinnerware has a definite slant that will drive compulsive tabletop arrangers nuts. Dipped in white glaze and featuring a low-cut profile, these oval plates aren’t quite minimalist but definitely have a chic appeal. Viewed from above, their slightly skewed and stretched shape instantly conjures up memories of mod patterns, making these ideal for retro dinner parties.

All about Dining Rooms

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  1. I believe that before you start choosing a new table or throwing paint up onto the wall, it's important to stop and consider how your dining room will be used. "Oh, for eating, duh, is likely the first through that's come to your mind here. Of course, it's a dining room so it's assumed that you'll be eating there.
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