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Friday, March 2, 2012

All About Remodeling...

Remodeling Tips...

Today I am sharing some remodeling tips with all of you. Tips on styles of roofs, sun roofs, Basement remodeling, and so much more.. SO if any of you are planning on remodeling your home anytime soon, this is the perfect article for you..

Enjoy the pics and Post... 

Sun Lighting...

If you have decided that your home could use some skylights, be prepared to make some pretty big decisions. The main purpose of these strategically placed windows is to provide natural light which can also amount to some additional heat. This could be beneficial in the cold months but a disaster in the summer unless you add some type of shading.
Skylights have come a very long way through the years. Today they are available in several designs and from different materials. The main types are fixed, ventilating and tubular with all varieties having the option to be modified to include shades, screens, tinting and thermal insulated glass.
  • Fixed Skylights – The sole purpose of these skylights is to provide natural light. They are ideal not only for your primary living space but for attics and workshops where extra illumination could be appreciated.
  • Ventilating Skylights – These types of skylights provide light as well as ventilation. When they are open, they create an updraft which freshens the air in the home. These can usually be operated with a wall switch or remote control.
  • Tubular Skylights – This is the newest variety of skylights that is quickly becoming very popular. They’re small in size, average about two feet across and are ideal for smaller spaces. Some have baffles which direct the light out through the tube so even though they’re not as large as traditional ones, they still provide an abundance of light.
Skylights aren’t like painting your wall where if you don’t like the color you can just redo it. This is a fairly detailed install so take the time to research styles and make sure that you will love the ones that you choose.

Creating a Mud Room... 

Creating a mudroom in your home may be the smartest thing you ever do. This is a room that you won’t understand how you ever lived without once you have one and you certainly will never be able to go without one again! Mudrooms keep clutter and dirt out of the rest of your home. This is the perfect place for sports and camping equipment, shoes, coats, umbrellas, dog leashes, etc.
If you are not planning a remodel in your home to add in a mudroom, you can create a mock one with the help of shelving, hooks and storage containers.
Choose a Location
If you have a backdoor to your home with a large storage space, this is an ideal location as is a larger laundry room, basement or a portion of your garage. The idea is to build your mudroom near a door!
Install Shelves
The bottom portion of the wall should have shoe racks or shelving, making sure that there are tall areas to allow for boots. Then, shelving on the rest of the wall can be for seasonal items, camping supplies, etc. If you have a large family you may even want to designate a specific area to everyone for their belongings.
Add Hooks
You cannot imagine how useful simple hooks can be! You can hang coats, scarves, umbrellas, tennis rackets, keys, leashes, backpacks and book bags, etc., from them. Be sure to allow enough space between them so things don’t get too crammed.
Storage Containers
Large Tupperware containers or old wicker baskets are ideal for gardening tools, gloves, balls and other odds and ends that can easily become cluttered if they don’t have a proper home.
Having a mudroom will keep the rest of your home organized and free of clutter. Whether you have a contemporary and very simplistic home or not, anyone can appreciate not having piles of coats and shoes dropped at the door when everyone comes home!


If you are planning a basement remodel, you may run into a few concerns along the way such as low ceilings, mold, bugs, awkward pillars, ducts and pipes. A basement remodel can be a huge project but you really should make use of this valuable space. Not to mention, it will significantly raise the value of your home! If you are coming across a few complications, rest assured, there are solutions!
Low Ceilings
If you have low ceilings, recessed lighting or wall scones will become your best friend! The last thing that you need is light fixtures hanging that someone can hit their head on. Painting the walls a lighter color and making use of plenty of mirrors will help the space appear larger and not so closed in as well.
Underfloor Heating
Basement floors tend to be damp and cold which may accumulate moisture and result in mold. Not to mention, they are often a breeding ground for bugs. These are all bad news for allergy sufferers. Underfloor heating will solve these problems. Of course, this can be costly and a pain to install but certainly well worth it. As an alternative, baseboard heaters work fairly well too!
Accent the Awkward
If you have pillars in peculiar places, pipes where you don’t want them, etc., why not play up these awkward elements? Paint your pillars a bright bold color or buy piping and create a few artistic pieces to accent those pipes. Something that you may look at as an eyesore could really be an extraordinary focal point when given the chance!

Roof Shingles...

At one point or another, most homeowners need to pay a little attention to their roof. Zappone has been manufacturing these dynamic copper shingles since 1969. This American company’s shingles are earth-friendly, available in a few different styles and they have been thoughtfully designed to last for a lifetime!
Are They Really that Durable?
In a nutshell, yes! In fact, they have been put through intense, wind and rain abuse in hurricane testing! These copper shingles are made from 99.96 percent pure copper and every single shingle is inspected to make sure that it meets the standards set by J. Joseph Zappone IIIhimself.
Copper is beyond aesthetically-pleasing! It’s rich yet rustic, contemporary yet vintage and will compliment any home. Wonder why you don’t see too many houses with Zappone shingles? They’re so fussy about quality and appearance that they only manufacturer 400 roofs every year. Once orders on one list are full, the next costumer’s name gets put on a list for the following year. Clearly they are well worth the wait because no one is complaining about the delay!
Every carton of Zappone shingles has the brand name as well as the employee’s initials who created them and the date they were completed. If you’re going to be ready for a new roof in the next couple of years, you may want to check out these long-lasting, environmentally-friendly copper shingles at Zappone and get on a waiting list. You’re sure to be the only person in the neighborhood with a roof like this!

Choosing the right Kitchen Island...

Adding an island to your kitchen is the most effective way to give the space a facelift without actually performing surgery on the entire room. Not only are they aesthetically-pleasing, they are actually meant to make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable and productive. Choosing the right placement, shape and style will ensure that you get the most use out of your kitchen island.
  • Size – The island should be appropriately scaled to the size of the kitchen. One that is too big will result in an area that’s just too crammed but a tiny island in an enormous room will appear misplaced.
  • Placement – You should be able to move around your island and flow from the stations in the room that you use the most. If you’re using your island to prep dinner, there should be a clear path to the stove.
  • Storage – Do you need extra storage? If so then your kitchen island should have cupboards and drawers to make use of this valuable space.
  • Seating – Have a large family or do a lot of entertaining? Choose an island that will be comfortable to set tall seating around for additional place settings.
Islands are really just an extension of your personality. Choose one that fits your needs and that will compliment your space and you may find yourself spending a lot more time in the kitchen!

Remodeling Tips for your Home..

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