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Monday, April 9, 2012

Workspace Design Tips

Workspace Design Tips

Today we will share with all of you how to design the perfect work space to make sure you are not only comfortable but that it meets your demands and expectations that allow you to perform your job accurately, while at the same time be modern contemporary in nature..

Enjoy the pics and post

Workspace Design in a Comfortable Home for the Workaholic

Claims and higher workloads, make us to be quick and responsive follow the development of the world. This often makes the time available in the office felt more narrow and less so it takes extra time to complete the job. To overcome these problems, need to be handled aroom in the house to meet the needs to handle and resolve work problems. It takes an extra space that makes us feel calm, orderly, and comfortable in order to finish the job. “There are many ways you can do to make the work space in the house. We can choose between several alternatives to accommodate the need for work space.To obtain a high level of privacy, you should use a permanent wall and away from space that are active and full of activities, such as family room or kids playroom. Better yet, if we can put on the second floor, close to the bedroom or den and library. For furniture we can choose only to use a table when combined with other rooms. Or we can simply use floating tables that are embedded in the wall so the room can still feel spacious and airy. If the room is still possible, we can add the credenza as a place of supporting equipment such as printers and fax machines.

If there is still another space, then we can put a cabinet or shelf to store books supporting the work. In addition, we can equip it with a single sofa to a comfortable reading room and useful if we want to relax a little bit after working hard. Other supporting equipment, can we put the music player to feel more relaxed while working. Also can we put an aquarium for ornamental fish as well as landscape painting or other images that could cause the relaxed atmosphere. “To be more comfortable, we can put photos with family members as well as recording a very impressive trip for us,” said Vishnu. As a material, can be used as a wood parquet floor  to get warm atmosphere of the room. Can also use marble or granite material in order to get the impression of luxury and elegance. If not possible, we use a new ceramic floor. As a wall covering material, we can use the wallpaper, painted walls, wood panels as a backdrop desks and cabinets and a built in wooden cabinets to maximize space utilization. Color painting one wall with different materials also may be used to avoid the impression of monotonous and boring.

As the material covering the ceiling or ceiling, you can use the drop ceiling as well as the use of indirect lighting that we could experience a more dramatic shades. The use of a reading lamp attached to a table or standing lamp would be more useful. Similarly, we can use a downlight so much better. For color selection room, should be tailored to the theme of the room that we want to make. “If a minimalist, you should use monochrome colors, either white or grayish, and can be combined with one additional colors like brown, red, or another color that must be combined with the contents of the room,” saranWisnu. For the classic theme, can use the primary colors like red, orange, or yellow. White can also be used if we lacked the courage to experiment with color. To color the ceiling, you should use the color white for the room feel spacious and airy. If the things above can not be done, then we are forced to make a room unified between the den, reading room and library.

Design for Your Workspace With a Narrow Place

This Design of Workspace is simple but modern. Organizing work space in a dwelling capable of supporting the profession of its inhabitants. When you need to work in the house high enough, it helps us prepare a special private room to work. However, if there is limited land and conditions that do not allow any room of their own work, we can combine the two function spaces.
Another important side note in arranging work space is a touch of color to be made separately. This is to reduce boredom and feeling not in the mood for work. However, to select the color depends on the character of each individual. If color choice is not in accordance with the character of the wearer may affect performance.
In selecting the type of lighting, usually must be tailored to the profession of each occupant. If it is for architects and fashion designers have full use of lighting. Meanwhile, when artists tend to use the colors are more warm.

Stylist Office Azure by Sergey Makhno and Butenko Vasiliy

Office sometimes be the best place to unleash the imagination of an interior designer. Here is Modern Office Furniture With Blue Color Scheme by Azura Office .This Office is designed by Sergey Makhno of Ukraine. Named Azure is made to bring clarity and simplicity to any modern office. Sergey Makhno and Butenko Vasiliy designed  this office for a client whose company produces design accessories. This area then becomes a question of corporate image is as important as the work will be done on it because can makes competitors drool.

Color colorful furniture with a unique shape, design walls covered in wood and Corian.  The Office stylish and cool looks, with great office interior design.The design is very dynamic and creative, and it goes beyond the colors. Considering the many forms of home furnishings and accessories, it is easy to conclude that this design fits perfectly in a working environment that foster continuous change, as every young and dynamic company.You can find a lot of creativity to work in a room like this.Black, padded Blobby office chairs give a soft touch to the sparse individual office areas, while the shiny blue rounded sofas add a playful touch to a flexible, multi-use area.
The walls are covered in wood and Corian.

Ideal workspace design..

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